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Hello, Welcome to the website of Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd! Nuote Chemical is a nationally designated pesticide chemical production enterprise with patents for the production of Metaldehyde products.

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Hard work achieves dreams, strength witnesses brilliant

Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd. (formerly Xuzhou Solvent Factory, founded in 1956) is a nationally designated pesticide chemical production enterprise with patents for the production of Metaldehyde products.

Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd. is a restructuring company of Xuzhou Solvent Factory. Xuzhou Solvent Factory is the earliest Metaldehyde production plant in China. 

After 15 years of continuous efforts and development, Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd. has become the leading manufacturer of Metaldehyde TECH and molluscicides in China, with an annual outputs of 4,000 tons of Metaldehyde TECH, 6,000 tons of Metaldehyde granules, 2,000 tons of Metaldehyde wettable powder and 1,500 tons of allyl isothiocyanate.

Through perseverance hard work, Xuzhou Nuote Chemical has established a complete quality control system to ensure the stability of product quality; has established a professional technical research and development team, formed a strong capabilities of product research and development; established a good product service, established a good corporate reputation. In recent years, the export volume of products has increased significantly year by year.

Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to cooperate with more customers to create a beautiful future.


Add: Chaoyue Avenue, Xuzhou Industrial Park,
Jiawang District, Xuzhou City, China

Tel: +86-516-83200911 , 83200912

Fax: +86-516-83200903

E-mail: sales@nuotchem.com

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