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Hello, Welcome to the website of Xuzhou Nuote Chemical Co., Ltd! Nuote Chemical is a nationally designated pesticide chemical production enterprise with patents for the production of Metaldehyde products.

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6% Carbaryl + Metaldehyde granules

Characteristic: Wokexing, a new type of pesticide that has special effects on soft insects such as snails and cockroaches, has strong attracting power and has the functions of trapping and killing. It is safe for crops, simple to use, and free from environmental pollution. Can be widely used in the control of snails and cockroaches in field crops.
Active ingredients and
physical and chemical properties:
1, Metaldehyde: ≥ 4.5%, this product is white needle crystal, melting point: 246 ° C, but sublimation at 115 ° C. Hard to dissolve in benzene and chloroform, easily depolymerized by heat or acid.   
2, Carbaryl: ≥1.5%, this product is white crystal, melting point 142 ° C, soluble in acetone and other organic solvents, stable to light, heat, rapid decomposition in the case of alkali.
How to use
and time:
This product is applied to the surface of the bare ground or around the roots of the crop. In order to obtain good control effects, it must be used according to the living habits of snails and cockroaches.
Within one year, it should be used in the spring and autumn snail activity season, that is, from March to June and September to November every year. The temperature is between 13 °C and 28 °C, the temperature is higher than 28 °C, lower than 13 °C and the dry season. The soil temperature is low and high, and the snails and snails should not be used during the dormant period of summer and winter. It should be used after sunset and before dark, and it is especially good for the evening after the rain. This is the best time for them to eat.
The principle of insecticide: It mainly releases a large amount of acetylcholinesterase in the worm, destroys the special mucus in the worm, and finally the nerve numb is dehydrated and died.
Packaging and storage: 0.5kg/bag, 0.25kg/bag, packed in composite foil pouch.
10kg/carton, carton for domestic use.
25kg/bag; 35kg/barrel, for export.
25kg export kraft paper bag, 500kg export flexible freight bag
This product should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
Precautions: 1. Wash your hands and skin with soapy water after medication.
2. Keep it safe, avoid contact with children, and keep away from food, drink or feed.
3. The package should be disposed of properly and should not be used for other purposes.
4. If the medicine is swallowed, it should be toxic. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this medicine. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor and show the label.
Detoxification agent: atropine.


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