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Our web development services include everything you need to get your business website running. Explore our website design and development services, SEO services, and content writing services today. Work with the right web design company to create a website for your business.

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SEO Services
Website Audit  check
On-page SEO   check
Technical SEO  check
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Starting from $50, you can begin the journey of moving your business forward, whether it is a small business or a large enterprise. Websavis, a web design and development company, will add creativity to your business. With the right team of web designers and developers, SEO specialists and content developers, we will take your business to the highest peak. See how our experts will help your small business grow. Explore.

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Reach More Customers with Our Website Development Services

Start a website design and development project today. You can select web design or web development only. All our website development plans include free SEO service for your website. As a web design company that produces the best website, our experts will optimise your small business website to be responsive on all devices.

We build bespoke websites. And if you want CMS like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or Shopify, we are good at that. For your small business website to be indexed, it needs good content. Our web development plan includes an optional content writing service. Hire the best web design company and see how our team will drive your business to greater heights with lead-generating content

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Keep Your Customers Engaged with a Mobile App

With a business app, you have the power to reach more clients. See how our mobile app development team will help your small business grow by building an app for your firm. Our mobile app services includez mobile app design and development. Also, if you need conversion generating contents, we have the best writers to draft them for you

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andriod and iOS apps

Explore our mobile app design services to get the perfect designs for your android and iOS application. Get ready for the best mobile app designed and developed by the best web design company. We design your app so that your small business will scale. And when your business grows, your app will meet your customer's expectations.

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See How Search Engines See Your Business Website

With our SEO services, you don't have to guess doing SEO like an amateur. We do website audits, content optimization, on-page and off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Take the guesswork out and see how our search engine optimisation specialist will make your business grow. Your customers and search engines see your small business website differently.

Our SEO experts ensure that your website scores high on the optimisation score and creates a better user experience. Get the best SEO services and let our search engine optimization experts handle the difficult task for you. We are a web design company that does SEO following search engine best practice. Get in touch with our experts now.

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How Well Does Your Small Business Website Match the Competition?

Looking for the best web design company that will raise your business above the competition? Explore our content writing and optimisation services and see how we can help you. Our content optimization experts will help your small business do what your competitors are doing and even better. We provide expert content writing and optimization services. Your small business website needs SEO and content optimization experts. Explore our service today.

Your Website Needs a Social Media Strategy

Small businesses must establish their presence on social media. Reach out to our social media experts today and see how they will grow your presence on all social platforms. With the right content strategy and content optimization, our social media experts will match the right audience with your small business website. And your website will generate more social traffic for your business.

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Why Hire a Web Design Company

We are a web design and development company that focuses on creating beautiful, responsive websites for business owners. Websavis objective is to help small business owners grow their business online. Join our customers and reach out to our team of website developers, mobile app developers, SEO specialists and content developers. Websavis services include web design, web development, mobile app design and development, website audit and other SEO services, content development and other writing services. Work with the best web design company in the industry and see how your business will grow. Hire the best web design company and see how our experts will help your business establish a presence online.

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More about Web Design

A web design company is a firm like webfx and other top web design companies like Websavis that design and create a site concept flow for clients. Although tech guys do differentiate between web design and web development, the two often cross. Web design companies like Websavis have expert developers who will design a site, and after they will transfer the project to web developers that will code the site. Most website design and development companies offer other services, including search engine optimisation - SEO and social media marketing.

Parts of Good Web Design Agencies

Best web design companies are often divided into four crucial departments to create professional websites for clients.

Design Department

In a web design company, the design department will handle the UI design or the website’s user interface. They are responsible for creating a professional design with a concept flow that matches their clients’ business. The designers are responsible for the website graphic and layout.

Development Department

After designing the website, the next thing is coding. A good web design agency has a web development team of experts who have experience coding any website. In a web design company, the development team is crucial because they create sites according to industrial standards. They can code any type of website, including e-commerce development and custom sites.

Marketing Department

Top web design companies have a marketing team aside from their website design services, including social platform specialists and other digital marketers. The marketing team takes care of a website’s content and ensures that they create SEO-driven content to reach the right client. They also perform the search engine optimisation of a site to identify the content gap and better understand how to improve it.

IT Services Department

The IT service department of a web design company handles the web hosting of the clients' site. They check to identify any technical issues with a website hosting provider.

Most web design agency specialises in designing and developing a specific kind of sites. Some web design company focuses on large business while others like Websavis focuses on medium to small business. Websavis have a goal of helping business owners to grow online. Your firm does not have to be large before you can take it online. Everyone got to start somewhere; here at Websavis, we help you start somewhere. Other tasks of a web design agency include determining their client's requirement and goal to estimate the cost of the website. Creating the website and optimising it for search engine.

A web design company has the task of designing a website and coding the website for their clients. Top website design companies will also optimise the website and help promote the website. A web design firm has web designers, web developers, UX designers, digital marketers. Top web design companies usually stick to the best standard of web designing and coding a website for their client company. The team of web designers in the website design agency will take your ideas and turn them into a mock-up design that represents what your future website will look like.

What Do Web Design Services Include?

Most web design firms will advertise their company as web design agencies. But this does not mean that the services they offer are limited to website design. A typical web design company will develop websites aside from offering content marketing and SEO services. Web design agency offers various services that help take your firm online. Our team of web designers will tailor your website needs to your enterprise needs. As one of the top web design companies, we will develop a website that you and your clients will love.

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Web Pages Design

Web page design is one type of service offered by most web development companies. Best web design company have a team of designers and developers or programmers. The team of web designers and developers will work together to create the right kind of website pages that matches your firm. While the designers will turn your idea into a website design, the developers will code the site for you. Whether it is an e-commerce store, a WordPress web design or a lawn firm designs that you want to create, the web design and web development team will create it for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

After designing and coding your web pages, you will host them online. That is how your clients will see your web pages. But before that, the search engine must be able to read your web pages to know where to place them. A web agency has SEO specialists experienced in optimising a website for search engine. The agency will maximise the result of your web pages and ensure that they follow the industrial standard. An SEO specialist will guarantee a higher ranking for your website to make more profit. When your website pages rank high in the search engine result, then they will gain more visibility and click that will translate to profit for your company.

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Content Marketing

The best website design company or agency does create compelling content that will draw the right client for your company. Most website design agencies have a team of content writers specialising in writing both technical and non-technical drafts for any company. Besides content writing, the best web design company will offer services like email marketing and digital marketing. Web design firms or agency also offer branding strategies and social platform marketing.

Where to find the Best Web Agency

If you have a firm or agency and you don't have a web app, you can easily get a website design and development agency to build a website for you. All you should do is search for an award-winning web design agency online. You should ensure that you choose the best web design company or agency to handle your website. You should analyse the web design company or agency price and compare it with others to get a better web development deal.

Building a website is one way that you can take your firm online to reach more customers. Most businesses that have a solid online presence have recorded huge profits as a result of visibility and better branding. If you own a business, you can easily take it online by hiring one of the best web design company like Websavis. But before you contact the best web design companies, you have to know why your firm needs a website. This implies that you have to determine your firm goals to know the size of your website. Luckily, a web design company or agency like Websavis can turn your idea into a functional website for you. But how much does it cost to build a website?

Cost of Different Websites

How large your website determines the price. Also, the functionalities on your web pages affect the price. If you plan to hire a web design company that will build a large website with lots of pages for you, then you should be ready to spend more. But if the number of pages is few, then your website will cost less. Most businesses that have e-commerce websites requires lots of web pages. the functionality on your web pages also affects the price. If your web pages require lots of javascript, then you should expect to pay more than one that does not.

Small Business Websites

A small firm does not require lots of web pages like a large firm. If you have a small service and you want to target local customers, you need a small website. This kind of web app will cost between $100 and $500 to build. Most website design agency charge per web pages when building your web app. At Websavis, a page starts from $50. so, if you are building a 10 pages web app, then you can expect to pay $500.

Large business websites

Most website design agencies will charge a lot to build a large web app for your firm. a large web app is one that has lots of web pages. The number of web pages on a large web app is more than 10 and can reach 200 pages. Most eCommerce store usually has large web pages so that they can display their product inventory. If you plan to build a large web app, you will spend above $500

Other Web services

Aside from designing and coding the website, there is web hosting and domain name. To build your website on the internet, you will need to purchase a hosting web service from a hosting company like Hostinger. A web hosting plan can start from $3.99 for personal hosting to $8.99 for an advance plan. If you are serious about advance, you will choose the advance plan. For that, you will spend around $700 for a four years plan. Aside from web hosting, you need a domain name for your website. The domain is the address of your web app, like the address of your home. It is free for the advance hosting plan. Other web services include internet marketing services, search engine optimisation, SEO, and content writing.

Besides those mentioned, you will need email marketing to reach more clients with your marketing promotion. You can hire a website design company to handle your email marketing for you and generate the right leads for your firm. Your website also needs web security. This means that you have to protect your web pages from hackers who will try to steal your customers’ information. Most web hosting companies offer web security or SSL when you purchase web hosting with them. You will pay about $30 for web security. Web security is worth the money you spend on it because your customers will trust your firm if your web app is secure.

if you run a firm and you already own a website, having a mobile app will be a great idea. An app will not only build your customers trust, but it will also make it easier and more convenient for your customers to transact with you. Most website design company offers app development as part of their service. They have expert team members that will design the app and then code it using the latest technique. As part of promoting a services, mobile app development is part of good marketing strategies. A branding agency can easily look at your firm and tell you the right kind of app that is good for you. If you are wondering if you can make an app, you can if you had the skills. But the process of building a mobile application can consume most of your time even when you have the skills. If you don't have the skills, you can hire a digital agency with a track record of success to build the app for you.

Cost of a Mobile App

The amount you will spend to hire a web design company that will build your app for you varies on the complexity of the app. Websavis, a web design and development company will build a simple app for $10 000. If your firm requires a large mobile application, then you should prepare to spend more than that. The time a web design agency will spend building your app varies on the complexity of the app. It can take up to three months for app developers to code a simple app while the more complex app can take more than six months. But is it worth investing in a mobile app?

Why a Mobile App Will benefit Your Business

It cost lots of cash for you to pay a web design company to build an app for your services. Most web design companies will give their in-house team of app developers the task of creating the application to match your services needs. An app will make it easier for you to promote your product or service. When you have a mobile app, you will create a better impression than a competitor that doesn't.

Aside from that, an app for your services will enable you to save mobile on ads in magazines or search engine. Developing a mobile app will make it easier for your customers to contact and engage with you in real-time. You can offer a promotion on your mobile app and it will reach your customers quickly. Your customers will be able to give their feedback about your services when they are using your app. This means that a mobile app brings your customers closer to you.

If you run a firm and you are looking for ways to expand, you need a website. Most services that own websites find it easy to communicate with their clients better than those that don’t. A web app is one way you can reach both international and local customers and receive their feedback in real-time. Most firms are turning to web design and development companies to build their app for them. Web design companies charge a different price to build a website for you. Making a web app can range from $50 for a single page to $5000 for a large website. If you want a web app, is it worth the cost to hire a web design company to build one for you?

Why You Should Hire a Web Design Company

There are many reasons you should hire a web design agency to handle building your website.

Good Web UI Design

Web design companies have lots of experience building a web app for clients. When building a web app, they integrate the latest technique, including good web design UI and best coding practices. The UI design of your web app is crucial for your services. If you don’t know much about web UI, hiring a web design company will make it easier for you. A good web design UI will make it easier for your customers to navigate your web app. Also, your customers will easily find all the features of your web app if your site’s UI design is good. The call-to-action button for your clients will be visible and easier for them to see.

Coding with the latest Technology

When you hire a web design agency to handle building your web app, they will code it using the latest technology. New programming languages are developed while old ones are updated or left behind. A web design company have an expert team of developers that have experience with the latest programming language in the industry. This way, they will ensure that you don’t have an outdated website.

Easy access to Website Maintenance

After building your website, you have to maintain it for it to remain functional. When you hire a web design company to design and code your web app for you, they will help you maintain it online. Web design companies have a web maintenance team that will handle the search engine optimisation of your site. Also, the SEO team will check your site to identify areas for improvement. Search engine algorithm changes from time to time, and so does your web app ranking. The SEO team will conduct on-page and off-page optimisation to identify the content gap and look for how to create content for your site.

Marketing Your Content

Another advantage of hiring a web design company is that they will help you promote your web app content to reach more users. They will also integrate a digital marketing strategy for your services.

There are lots of websites online, which makes it difficult to categorise them. But we can still classify websites based on their purpose and the type of firm they are created for.

Business Site

One kind of web app that you will find online is the business site. This kind of site is created to represent a brand on the internet. The Ui of an enterprise web app is different from that of a personal or e-commerce web app. The reason for the enterprise site is for the firm to create a unique identity online. Most enterprise sites have enhanced functionalities that include database integration and log in or sign up areas for their client to create a profile.

E-commerce site

Another kind of site that you will find online is the E-commerce site. This kind of site makes it possible for their client to purchase online without going to a physical store. An e-commerce web app may integrate a payment gateway on the site so that customers can pay directly without doing a bank transfer. With a payment gateway, customers can shop e-commerce products at any time of the day. One thing that distinguishes e-commerce sites from enterprise sites is the display of products. the site displays all the products or services and allows customers to add to their cart or trolley before paying. E-commerce site also has login and sign up integrated on the page, and you must connect the site to a database.

Portfolio site

Another kind of site that is common online is the portfolio site. This kind of site makes it easier for users to showcase their work. Artists, writers, designers, and other artisans can easily showcase their work or talent on a portfolio web app. Another name for a portfolio website is a creative site because it allows users to show their creativity.

Directory and Contact Sites

Directory or contact page site is another type of web app. This kind of site makes it easier for users to connect with others. It allows them to list their firm or contact address so that users can find them. An example is a local barbershop that lists its salon on the web so that others can find it.

Magazine Websites

This kind of site features article, videos and photos that are educational or informational. Large educational institutions like universities and scientific organisations use this kind of web app to inform their audience. This type of site has a similar framework but different content. Also, it is responsive for all device the users will be using.

Choose the Right Site Type for Your Audience

The right kind of site appeals to your users. Also, the right kind of site will drive user engagement and generate profit. When you want to create a site for your company, you should ensure that it meets your enterprise needs.

Everywhere you check on the internet, you will come across SEO or search engine optimization. Most businesses have claimed to make profits as a result of their optimization strategies. Optimization services is a crucial part of website design companies. Most digital marketing agency offers search engine optimization. those digital marketing agencies understand the importance of a good optimization service. SEO means search engine optimization which is the practice of increasing the visibility and the ranking of a site so that users can see it. Optimization also includes generating traffic from an organic search result for a site.

Parts of SEO

To better understand the meaning of SEO, it is crucial to break the definition down and for us to look at its parts.

Quality Traffic

Getting quality traffic is part of a good SEO service. With a good optimization strategy implementation, you can generate traffic from all over the world for your site. this means attracting visitors that are genuinely interested in your enterprise. If you deal with apple computer, your visitors should not be people looking to buy ebook online. Instead, they should be those that want to buy apple computer.

Quantity of the Traffic

After getting the right visitors to click on your site, the next thing a good optimization strategy will include is getting a large amount of traffic. the more visitors click on your pages, the more traffic you will get.

Appearing on Organic Result

The organic result of a search is any traffic that you don't pay for. This means that a good optimization strategy must include keyword or keyphrase optimization so that your web app must appear for a particular search.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is crucial for several reasons. First, a good optimization service will bring your site precious traffic also known as organic traffic. the good thing about organic traffic is that they are free because google does charge you to for them. The best web design company will ensure that your enterprise site get the right kind of traffic for your firm to make a profit. Aside from that, SEO makes your site visible to users and search engine which will further boost your profit.

How to Do Good SEO

Good optimization starts with your web app design. A search engine considers the layout of your site when indexing it on the SERP. The more responsive your site is, the more search engine will consider indexing it. After designing a responsive site, a good web development company will code the site to be responsive on all device. Responsive sites create good user experience and google love good UX. Another way to do good optimization is to create good content that is optimised for search engine and will add value to your audience.

Web design agencies offer social channel marketing as part of their services. One way you can promote your enterprise is by integrating a working social marketing strategy. Large firms like Facebook and Twitter offer the opportunity for your to promote your services on their platform. The act of driving traffic to your site using one of the social platform available is called social media marketing. This technique helps you to create traffic and generate a sale for your firm. The common social platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Using Social Platforms To Grow Your Brand

The essence of integrating a social media strategy is to promote your brand and generate sales.

Create Brand Recognition

One way to grow your presence in the social world is to create brand recognition. users of social platforms want to purchase a product that they already know. And social platforms allow for that. Social platforms get your content or enterprise directly in front of your audience even when they are not thinking about your brand or products.

Start a Conversation about Your Brand

Another great way to use a social platform is to start a conversation around your brand so that your visitors can generate feedbacks. a simple post about an event will go a long way to stimulate a response from your clients. You can engage your audience when they post their comment on your social platform page so that they will feel that a real person is attending to them in real-time. Also, you should ensure that you share contents that naturally generate conversation.

Connect With Your Audience Through Social Listening

Another way to use social platform is to connect with your audience through social listening. Social listening is the act of monitoring your audience conversation around certain topics and understanding how you can create more content to fill a content gap. Also, you can identify the tone and slang your audience are using and integrate than when you are creating your content.

If you are contemplating building a web app for your firm, you should consider lots of things before you make your decision. There are lots of web design companies out there and they provide different service for their clients. While most companies offer "cheap" service, others offer expensive service that requires the signing of the contract. best web design companies will offer not only web design as their service but web development, content promotion and digital marketing services. Note that expensive service does not translate to high-quality site development. This is because most companies charge their client too much while others charge what is fair. Aside from that, most design company offers various web designs and have a track record of building a bespoke web app for their client. If you are new to the world of web development, you might be confused when choosing between web design firms.

How to Identify a Good Website Design Company

You can identify good web design agency by the service that they offer. Big agencies like Big Drop inc, lounge lizard, offers award-winning best web design of WordPress site and other custom sites. Most of those companies are located in places like new york, San Diego, and San Francisco. They offer software development as well as digital marketing for their clients. They function as both web design agencies and digital marketing agency. To Identify the best web design firm, you have to consider the list of service they do for their clients.

Aside from that, you have to determine the type of web app that you need whether it is a WordPress site or a custom site development. Remember that not all web apps are the same. If you web design agency charge too much for database integration and development, then they might not be right for you. You have to determine if your agency has a good relationship with its clients. Remember that most big award-winning agencies have lots of clients and will not provide good customer service. Web design firms like lounge lizard and Webfx have lots of experiences in software development as well as WordPress and other cms. So, when choosing your digital agency, you should choose carefully.

You have probably heard of digital marketing and you might wonder what digital marketing is. A digital agency will tell you can one way to promote your service online is to explore the service of a digital agency. If you have digital marketing experiences, can you do it yourself? Digital marketing refers to any internet marketing efforts that a firm makes to promote itself online. Example of digital marketing includes promotion of WordPress site, email marketing, social platform marketing and blogging. Anything you as a service provider do to promote your firm online is digital marketing. For your internet marketing to succeed, you need assets. Your assets can be your sites, your brand, video contents, written content or images.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Pay Per Click Ads

One digital marketing strategy is pay per Click Ads where you pay the search engine for users who click on your ads. As a webmaster, you should employ pay per Click strategy as ways to promote your service online.

Paid Search Ads

A search engine company like Google or Yahoo will allow you to run your text ads on their SERP result page so that visitors can see your service. If you are keen on getting more leads, you should develop a pay search ads strategy.

Optimising for Search Engines

Best web design companies offer search engines optimization as part of their digital promotion strategy. Search engine marketing is better because unlike pay per click that you pay, you don't have to pay. But getting your site to rank on the SERP is not an easy task, that is why you must hire a good web design company like Websavis to handle the task for you.

Social Platform Marketing

This is another digital media strategy that you can use for your site. You can use social platform ads like Facebook ads to promote your content so that potential audience will see it. Best web design companies will help you to create a strategy that will get you the right leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

This is the technique of improving your online users' experience. You can use a good conversion rate optimization to generate more traffic for your site and keep your online users coming back.

Content Promotion

Another digital marketing strategy is content marketing. Any effort that you make to promote your site with written, audio, video or infographic content is content marketing. A good content promotion technique will create brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Another form of digital marketing is email marketing. You can use email to make an announcement about a new service or a special deal. Also, you can use email promotion to promote your latest content for your audience to benefit.