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10 Best WordPress Development Companies in the UK 

Choosing the best WordPress development company in the UK is critical for the success of your online presence. This decision could be the difference between a smoothly functioning, appealing website that bolsters your brand and attracts customers or a poorly designed one that drives them away. In an age where digital presence is essential, a good WordPress development company could be your ticket to achieving your business goals, be it building awareness, generating leads, or selling products or services. In the UK, many firms specialize in WordPress development, but the following are the top ten, with Websavis leading the pack.

Best WordPress development company

Websavis – 1# WordPress Development Company in the UK

Websavis is the gold standard in WordPress development in the UK. Their exceptional team brings innovation, creativity, and technical prowess to the table, offering a full suite of WordPress services. Websavis specializes in custom WordPress development, ensuring a website tailored to your needs. They also offer plugin development and integration, enhancing your site’s functionality. Their WordPress maintenance services ensure your website runs smoothly post-deployment. Websavis is also renowned for its proficiency in WordPress migration and SEO, making your site visible to the masses. Clients heap praise on Websavis for their communication, problem-solving abilities, and adherence to deadlines. Contact Websavis today!

WP Engine

WP Engine is a reputable WordPress development company in the UK, offering a variety of WordPress-centric services. They specialize in managed WordPress hosting, ensuring your site runs smoothly and securely. Besides, their expert team is skilled in custom WordPress development, including creating themes tailored to your brand’s needs. WP Engine also offers plugin development, e-commerce solutions, and SEO services, helping your website gain visibility. With a keen focus on customer service, WP Engine maintains an open line of communication with clients and keeps them informed every step of the way.

Human Made

Human Made brings an innovative and people-centered approach to WordPress development. They’re known for large-scale WordPress installations, working with clients across sectors. The company is proficient in custom WordPress development, delivering websites that truly stand out. Human Made specializes in enterprise-level projects, cloud hosting, and WordPress consultancy services, providing insightful advice to help you optimize your site. They boast of a highly-skilled and committed team, ensuring your project is in capable hands. With a strong emphasis on usability and performance, Human Made delivers WordPress solutions that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.


93digital is a leading WordPress development company in the UK with a strong focus on designing strategic digital experiences. Their services include custom WordPress development, with an emphasis on creating visually stunning and user-friendly designs. They also provide WordPress plugin development and integration, adding advanced functionalities to your website. Furthermore, their strategic consulting services are invaluable in helping businesses make informed decisions about their online presence. With a commitment to transparency and a client-first mentality, 93digital delivers WordPress solutions that help businesses thrive in a digital-first world.

Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain Digital has built a reputation as a reliable WordPress development company focusing on sustainability. Their services include custom WordPress development and creating websites that are as attractive as they are effective. They also offer WordPress theme and plugin development, adding unique functionalities to your site. Wholegrain Digital’s dedicated maintenance services ensure your website remains updated and secure. Moreover, their sustainability-focused ethos means they create websites that not only perform well but also have a low environmental impact. With a team of experts passionate about web development and sustainability, Wholegrain Digital delivers digital solutions that are good for your business and the planet.


Pragmatic is a trusted WordPress development agency in the UK, offering comprehensive WordPress services. They are experts in custom WordPress development, creating bespoke websites that align with your brand’s vision. Pragmatic also offers WordPress hosting and support services, ensuring your site runs smoothly around the clock. Their expertise extends to e-commerce solutions, providing WooCommerce development for businesses looking to sell online. With a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, Pragmatic keeps you involved at every stage of the project, ensuring the result aligns with your expectations.

Moove Agency

Moove Agency is a premier WordPress development company known for its innovative and high-quality services. They excel in custom WordPress development, creating unique and functional websites that resonate with your audience. Their team is skilled in developing WordPress plugins and adding customized functionalities to your site. They also offer WordPress SEO and maintenance services, ensuring your website is optimized for search engines and runs without hitches. With a client-oriented approach, Moove Agency strives to understand your business and audience thoroughly to deliver a website that truly represents your brand.

Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash is a dynamic WordPress development company that merges creativity and technology to deliver outstanding websites. Their services include custom WordPress development, theme and plugin development, and WordPress support and maintenance. Atomic Smash also provides WordPress hosting solutions, ensuring your site is secure and reliable. Their team takes a collaborative approach, working closely with you to create a website that aligns with your brand identity and meets your business goals. With a reputation for delivering on time and within budget, Atomic Smash is a reliable partner for all your WordPress development needs.


Pedalo is a UK-based WordPress development company with over two decades of experience. They offer bespoke WordPress development, creating websites that truly reflect your brand’s personality. Pedalo is also known for its plugin development and integration, improving your website’s functionality. Their website maintenance service ensures your site remains up-to-date and secure. They also provide expert advice on web strategy and digital marketing, helping you make the most of your online presence. Clients laud Pedalo for their responsive customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

Illustrate Digital

Rounding off the list is Illustrate Digital, a WordPress development company known for its dedication to quality and innovation. They specialize in custom WordPress development, creating websites that align with your brand’s vision. They also offer WordPress theme and plugin development, adding versatility to your site. Their comprehensive maintenance services ensure your website is always running smoothly and securely. Moreover, Illustrate Digital’s expertise in UX design ensures a user-friendly interface that keeps your visitors engaged. With a team of WordPress experts committed to your success, Illustrate Digital delivers exceptional websites that exceed expectations.



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