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5 Easy Steps to Write an Article

Writing an article can be challenging for business owners who don’t know how to. If you are a business website owner, you need articles to inform your audience. There are two ways of writing an article for your business website. The first one is doing it all by yourself. Of course, not everyone is a skilled article writer, but if you practice over and over again, you will become an expert. The other way of writing an article is by hiring an article writing service to do the task. For those that want to write their content themselves, this article provides advice on 5 easy steps to write an article. 

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Writing an Article for Your Business Website

An article is a piece of content that is usually uploaded to a website that provides information about a product or service. The content of an article is typically informational and seeks to benefit the readers. If you desire to reach more customers online, writing an article is one option. When your online customers engage with your business, your revenue will increase. Writing articles for your website is another way to gain organic ranking. The more articles you write, the more key phrases search engines like Google will rank your website for. The five steps to writing an article are planning the content, researching the keywords, selecting a topic, writing the content, and publishing it. 

Step One – Plan Your Article

Planning your content is the key to writing a good article. This step involves knowing what to write. But before you know what to write, you have to know who you are writing for. That is why business owners that attempt to write articles for their website must research their audience. Your audiences are your online readers that will engage with your business if they find it useful. To capture your audience’s attention, you must know what they want. This means doing keyword research. We will discuss keyword research in the next heading. You must know the kind of audience you want to attract and what they are looking for when they search the internet. When you know your online readers, and what they want, you can plan your content around it. 

Step Two – Do Keywords Research

Keywords research helps article writers to know the right topic to write on. A keyword is a word that your audience is searching for on the internet. A “car” can be a keyword someone on the internet is searching for. But online users rarely search for a keyword. When searching for information online, most people will type a group of words into the search bar. Examples of that are “cars for sale near me”, “used iPhone for sale”, and lots of other phrases. So, when doing keyword research, you should expand it into doing key phrase research. Key phrases, unlike keywords, are concise and have low competition. The key phrase you select must be related to your business and what your readers are searching for online. 

Step Three – Select the Topic

After planning your content and doing key phrase research, the next thing is to pick a topic to write on. The topic will be the title of your article and must be related to the key phrase your readers are browsing for online. It is recommended that article writers add the key phrase to the topic or title for SEO. If you want to write about cars, you can select a topic like “where can I get the best cars for sale near me”. From the example above, “best cars for sale near me” is the key phrase in the title. 

Step Four – Write the Article

When you are done researching the key phrase you will write on, you can start writing the article. You must research the title you select if you want to provide in-depth and accurate information to your readers. When writing the article, you should divide it into headings, with each heading covering a point. The article must be informative enough to make your readers return to your website. 

5 Easy Steps to Write an Article

Step Five – Publish Your Article

After writing the article, you can publish it on your website. But before that, you should ensure that you proofread and edit the article to ensure that there are zero mistakes in it. Then, you can publish the article on your website for your audience’s consumption. 


The 5 easy steps to write an article for your website are planning the content, doing keyword research, selecting the topic, and writing and publishing the article. 

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