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8 Top Skills to Watch Out for When Hiring a Web Designer

Do you need a website for your business? Every firm requires an online presence to reach more customers, and yours should not be left behind. If you don’t have a website, you need to build one. While hiring someone to build their website is easy for most business owners, others have failed in this aspect. To build a website for your business, you should hire a web design company. Hiring a web designer is another way to get someone to make your business website. This article discusses 8 top skills to watch out for when hiring a web designer. 

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Web Design Skills

Every web designer must be able to design a website. That is why they are called web designers. To create a web design means to draw the layout of a website so that you will know what the site will look like before it is coded. Web designers use software like Figma to create a layout of a website. You should watch out for responsive web design when hiring a web designer because a responsive layout is the latest trend in website design. A website will receive little to no traffic if the layout is not responsive. This makes it crucial that all web designers must be able to draw a responsive web design.

UX/UI Design

UX means user experience, while UI means user interface. A good UI design will create the best UX or user experience. Every web designer must understand what a good user interface is to succeed. That is why when hiring a web designer, you should ask for past work and check the UI. To identify a good UI, you have to check for consistency in the web design. Check for uniformity in the font size, color, and other styles. Also, you should try to navigate the website to know how easy it is to use. Since a good UI leads to a good UX, it is crucial that the web designer you hire must have both skills. 


It is easy to think that the job of a web designer is limited to creating the visual layout of a website alone. But that thinking is too narrow because most web designers can develop websites. This means that a good website designer should have basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. With this knowledge, a web designer can easily code a basic website. Also, a knowledge of JavaScript will enable a web designer to know which widget to add to a website. Most JavaScript widget affects the load time when added to a web page. If your web designer knows more about JavaScript, the issue will be resolved. 

Programming Languages

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript alone cannot make a dynamic website. A web designer must know programming languages like PHP and Python to make a fully dynamic website. If you plan to assign the task of making your website to the designer, you should watch out for these skills. 

Content Writing Service

Every website needs content for its customers to engage with. The content on your website can determine the design, or it must go along with the UI. Content includes text, images, or videos that you want to use on your website. A good web designer should know the right kind of content a website needs. Also, a good web designer will ensure that your content matches your business goals. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Every website needs SEO to stay on top of the competition. SEO means optimizing your site for search engines. The web designer you want to hire must be able to do SEO. In fact, SEO starts with a responsive web design and continues with good content, extending to on-page and off-page optimization. This makes search engine optimization a crucial skill for all web designers. 

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Content Management System

Aside from being able to code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a good web designer should be able to use the various content management systems. The most popular content management system is WordPress, and every web designer should be able to use it.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another skill a web designer must have. This will enable the web design to promote your website after making it. 


The top 8 skills to watch out for when hiring a web designer are web design, UI and UX design, SEO, HTML and CSS, programming, CMS, and digital marketing. 

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