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Steps to Hire Remote Web Developers

Do you have a web development project but no in-house team? Are you starting your journey online and looking for an expert web developer to build your website? Do you want to expand your team with remote web developers? While there are many reasons for businesses to hire developers, what is paramount to them is to hire the right remote developers. If you don’t know how to, you will probably ask – how do I hire web developers to work remotely? Where can I find good remote website developers? What are the skills of a web developer? This article provides tips on how to build a high-performing team of remote web developers. 

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What Is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a software engineer that uses programming languages or content management systems to build websites or apps for clients. Some of the skills of a website developer include knowing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, UI and UX, API development, SEO, etc. 

There are two kinds of web developers you should know about when building your remote team. They are front-end and back-end developers. While the front-end developer builds everything you see on the website, the back-end developer builds those things you cannot see. 

Depending on the extent of your project, you can hire front-end and back-end developers separately. Or, you can hire a full-stack developer to build the front-end and back-end of your web app for you. 

Building Your High-performing Team of Developers, How to

Hire Base on Your Need

Why do you need a web developer? If you are building a new software product and don’t need to set up an in-house team, you can go ahead and hire and build a remote team of developers. 

Are you an organization planning to expand your team with remote nearshore developers? Having a nearshore team is a great way to cut costs, recruit great talents and get your project done when and how you want. 

If you are a small business that needs a website to expand your business online, a remote web developer who works with your business can be the best thing to happen to you. 

Choose a Hiring Approach 

Hire freelancers. Hiring freelance remote web developers is an option most businesses will go for when seeking talents. If you want to, you can go to one of those freelance platforms and look for a developer to work on your project. Note that when you hire freelancers, the responsibility of screening and onboarding the developers is left to you. And if you don’t know what to look for when hiring software developers, you may not hire the right fit. 

Hire from an outsourcing company. Another way to find remote web developers is to hire from an outsourcing service. An outsourcing service is a company or agency with an ecosystem of web developers across tech stacks that can work on a project. 

Most outsourcing agencies like Websavis provide three kinds of services. 

  • You can hire remote nearshore developers who work on your project from a nearby country. 
  • Or, you can hire remote offshore developers from a faraway country. 
  • The third option is to hire remote onshore developers from the same country as your business. 

This flexible hire makes it easy for you to set up your web development project quickly. The difference between engaging an outsourcing service like Websavis and hiring freelancers is that they will help you find and onboard the right developers to manage your team. 

High-performing Team of Remote Web Developers

Hire the Right Fit

Hiring the right fit means hiring web developers with the skills to fulfil all your project requirements. To build a high-performing team of web developers, you need the right skills. The skills you need might vary according to the development project. 

Front-end development skills

A front-end developer builds the user interface of a website. If you need a front-end developer, here are the skills to watch out for:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript,
  • UI and UX,
  • Responsive design,
  • SEO,
  • Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, React, Vue, etc.
  • Content management systems like WordPress.

Back-end development skills

Back-end developers build the server side of a website. If you need a back-end developer, here are the skills to look for:

  • Back-end programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, SQL, etc. 
  • APIs development,
  • Database design and development,
  • Web security,
  • Frameworks like Laravel, Django, etc. 

Hiring the right expert to work on your project is crucial if you want all the deliverables fulfilled. At Websavis, we help you build a high-performing team of developers by finding vetted remote programmers from our ecosystem. Also, we help you screen, onboard and manage your team. 

So, What Next?

Now that you know how to build a high-performing team of remote web developers, what next? Don’t waste time; engage the right outsourcing service, and we can help you build your team quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Remote Web Developers?

You can hire freelance developers to work on your project or engage Websavis to find expert nearshore web developers with the right skills to handle your project. 

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