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Can a Web Designer Make a Website?

If you plan to make a website for your business, you need a web designer to help you with the task. But building a website goes beyond drawing the layout. It also includes developing the site, adding content, and doing SEO for it. So, if you want to get your website done, you may wonder, can a web designer make a website? This article explains the job of a web designer. It also provides information on hiring the right website designer to make your website. 

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Who Is a Web Designer?

A web designer is crucial to making a website. This person often works with a team of developers, content developers, and SEO experts to make a website. The primary role of a web designer is to draw the layout of a website. And after drawing the layout, the web developers will build the website. But most web designers have web development skills. This means that a website designer who can code will make a functional website. So, if you want to save cost or reduce the stress of transferring your website from one expert to another, you should hire a web designer with more than design skills. 

What Are the Skills of a Web Designer?

While most web designers specialize in drawing the layout of websites, others have development, SEO, and content writing skills. All these four skills are crucial to making a website for your business. 

Web Design Skills

Every web designer must be able to draw the layout of a website. This task is done using software like Figma to create a mock website. Drawing a website design will enable business owners to know what their website looks like before coding it. When hiring a web designer, you should ensure that you hire one that can draw a responsive layout. A responsive web design is good for user experience and SEO. This is because search engines favor a responsive website over one that is not. After drawing the layout of your website, the designer will pass the project to the developer. This process might slow down the speed of making your website. But if the designer has web development skills, creating your website will be easier. 

Can a Web Designer Make a Website?

Web Development

Although a web designer doesn’t need website development skills, having these skills is a boost. A good web designer should understand how a website works to know what design will be perfect. While most web designers can only use Figma to draw a website design, others can use a CMS platform like WordPress to build a website. Some web designers can code a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Content Development

To create the perfect design for your website, a designer must plan the content that will go on it. The content on your website includes any text elements, images, infographics, and videos found on the website. Your designer will supervise the addition of content to your website to ensure color consistency. Also, the content must be of the right size to fit any device your website is displayed on. 

SEO Services

Most people don’t know, but a website designer must-have SEO skills to make a website. SEO began with creating the design for the site. When a web designer draws the site’s layout, it must be responsive. Responsive web design is the beginning of search engine optimization for a website. That is why search engines favor a responsive website over one that is not. But SEO goes beyond creating a responsive website; it includes ensuring that your website does not have technical and on-page issues. So, if you want seamless website creation, you should hire a web designer that has all these skills. 

Where Will I Find a Web Designer to Make My Website?

You can search for a website designer and select a few that catches your attention. Most web designers work with a web design company to create a website. Since you know a web designer’s skills to make a website, you can use them to shortlist the designers you select. Ensure that you select the best web designer and be ready to pay a fair amount for your website. 


Can a web designer make a website? Most web designers have more than web design skills. Other skills are web development, content writing, and SEO. All these skills are crucial to making a website for your business. 

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