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Can I Build a Sales Funnel with WordPress?

Are you tired of paying a lot to rent a sales funnel? There are lots of sales funnel builders out there, and they offer one of the best templates to use to launch your funnels. But the downside of those sales funnels builders is that they are expensive, creating the urge to get an alternative. One alternative to ClickFunnels is WordPress. Business owners are wondering if they can use WordPress to create beautiful sales and lead generation funnels. This article answers the question, can I build a sales funnel with WordPress without using ClickFunnels? 

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Why ClickFunnels Alternative?

Have you tried ClickFunnels before? Or, are you using ClickFunnels to sell your products to your customers? Thousands of businesses are using ClickFunnels to sell more products, generate more leads and increase conversion. 

ClickFunnels is great if you want greater exposure for your new products. Also, you can use their template to design any kind of funnel you want. But all those mouth-watering features don’t come cheap. You must pay for the services ClickFunnels offers.

 If you are a big business with a large budget, no problem using ClickFunnels to launch your products. But what if you are starting small and short of budget? You might not be able to afford ClickFunnels. This is one reason business owners are searching for ClickFunnels alternatives. 

Another reason to look for an alternative to ClickFunnels is that you don’t own your sale pages 100% when using ClickFunnels. Since your funnel is hosted on their platform, moving it to another platform means losing your data. 

So, if you are considering building your funnel, you should consider all these and proceed if you are comfortable. But if you are not, you can consider using WordPress to build your sales funnel. 

Is WordPress Really a Sales Funnel Builder?

WordPress is a website builder, an open source platform that contains lots of themes and plugins to help you create beautiful websites. As a website builder, it can be used to create beautiful sales and lead generation funnels. How is that possible? WordPress has lots of sales funnel builder plugins that you can integrate with your website when making your funnels. Let’s take a look at the list of free WordPress sales funnels plugins.

  • WPFunnels
  • SeedProd
  • OptimizePress
  • Leadpages
  • Elementor
  • WooFunnels
  • CartFlows Funnel Builder

All these free WordPress sales funnel plugins are perfect for creating any kind of sales funnel you want if you don’t want to use ClickFunnels. 

Benefits of Using WordPress to Build Your Sales Funnel

WordPress stands in contrast to ClickFunnels and other funnel builders if you use it to build your funnels. Here is what you get when you use WordPress to build your ClickFunnels. 

  • Cheap sales funnel that won’t break your purse. WordPress offers a cheaper alternative to making a sales funnel than any self-hosted funnel builder. 
  • 100% ownership of your sales funnel. When you use WordPress to build your funnel, you retain 100% control of your sales funnel. This means you can save your data, change your data and extract your data when you use WordPress. 
  • Access to thousands of tools. Using WordPress alone is not enough to build your sales funnel. You can explore the WordPress theme library to select the best theme that determines how your funnels will look. Also, you can explore the plugins library and select all the plugins you need to make your sales funnel. If you want to integrate email, you can easily do that with WordPress. 
  • You get more organic traffic. Did you know that getting organic traffic with a sales funnel alone is difficult? Most ClickFunnels owners will spend thousands of dollars to advertise their products to customers. But when you use WordPress to build your sales funnel, you will get more organic traffic. This is possible if you add a blog section to your website. Blog posts can generate more traffic for your business and increase your revenue. 

What You Need to Know about Sales Funnel before Building One with WordPress

A sales funnel is more than just a website. It is a series of web pages that guide your prospects or potential customers till they purchase your products. Sales funnels are designed to sell a product or service, but they can do more. 

With a sales funnel, you can collect leads and persuade your customers to sign up for your webinar or online courses. A typical sales funnel has: 

  • An opt-in page where free resources like e-books and guides are offered in exchange for your prospect’s email information. 
  • A sales page where you would sell your products or services to your customers. 
  • An upsell and downfall page which enables your customers to add more products or go for a cheaper option. 
  • An order page that allows your prospects to pay for your products or services
  • A thank-you page that notifies your prospect after a purchase. 

Now that you know why using WordPress to build your sales funnel is a good idea and what a sales funnel short must have, let’s proceed to build a sales funnel with WordPress. 

What You Need to Build Your Sales Funnel with WordPress

  • Fast website hosting. You need fast web hosting to put your website on the internet. You can purchase hosting after you have purchased a domain name. 
  • A good theme that determines the visual appearance of your funnel. 
  • E-commerce plugin that enables you to add products to your sales funnel. 
  • Sales funnel builder plugin that makes it easy for you to create your funnels. 
Can I Build a Sales Funnel with WordPress?

Building Your Sales Funnel

To build your sales funnel with WordPress, you have to:

  1. Install WordPress on your server. After installing WordPress, you can install any theme that you want. Ensure to install a fast-loading theme if you want a fast-loading funnel. You can use the Elementor starter theme for this task. 
  1. Install plugins. You will need sales funnel plugins from the WordPress library. There are lots of them available to use. Most business owners will use CartFlow or WooFunnel to build their sales funnel. Aside from that, you need to install WooCommerce.
  1. Design your landing page. You can install Elementor or any drag and drop editor that you want and use it to design your landing page. 
  1. Now, install the sales funnel plugin and add products to your funnel using WooCommerce. CartFlow or WooFunnel will enable you to add an up-sell and down-sell page to your sales funnel. 
  1. Add the order page and thank you page to your sales funnel. And start attracting prospects to your sales funnel. To get more organic traffic, you can write relevant blog posts about your business. 


In this article, we have answered the question, can I build a sales funnel with WordPress? The article explains the advantages of building your sales funnel with WordPress, which include: 

  • 100% ownership of your sales funnel
  • Cheap sales funnel
  • More organic traffic
  • Lots of plugins and themes to customize your sales funnel.

Also, we have explained how you can create your sales funnel using WordPress.  There are several sales funnel plugins that you can use, and they all give the same result. Ensure that your sales funnel has a landing page, an opt-in page, an up-sell and down-sell page, an order page, and a thank-you page. 

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