Can I Build My Business Website

Can I Build My Small Business Website Myself?

Can I build my small business website myself? The answer depends on whether you have the right skills to create a website. If you have experience coding or dragging and dropping widgets using CMS platforms, you sure can build your website. But if you have little to no experience in web development, you can’t make a website. Then, in that case, you should hire a web design company for the task. This write-up focuses on business owners that want to build their websites themselves. It highlights all the skills you need to make a functional website. 

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In this article: 

What is a small business website?

Skills you need to make your small business website.

How to create a small business website? 


This write-up helps skilled business owners to make a website for their business. It explains all the skills they need to build a functional site. Also, it includes a step-by-step guide on how you can get started making your business website. 

What Is a Small Business Website?

A website is a group of web pages linked together to make a site that provides more information about a particular business. Websites help visitors find and engage with your business online. The site can feature your services or help you sell products more directly to online visitors. 

A small business website:

  • Must contain a clear description of your business, 
  • Is simple and easy to navigate,
  • Must include a call to action,
  • Must have lead-generating widgets.

Now that we know what a small business website is let us proceed to the skills you need to make one. 

Skills You Need to Build a Small Business Website

Making a small business website is easy if you have the necessary skills. This means that you must know responsive web design and development to create a functional website. Aside from that, you must know SEO to be able to optimize your website and increase its organic traffic. To create good content, you must know how to write. This means doing SEO content writing to generate user engagement. 

Web Design Skills

Are you contemplating creating a site for your business? Then you should know how to design one. Web design makes it easy for you to know what your site will look like before it is built. Also, it involves planning to make a responsive site that is accessible on all devices. You can design your website using software or draw the plan on a sheet of paper. The baseline is that you should know what the website will look like before you start coding it.

Web Development Skill

This skill is a must-have if you want to make a great website. You can develop your website using content management systems, or you use programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. For starters, the best way to make your website is by using a content management system like WordPress. This will make it easy for you to maintain your website and update the content when need be. And if you want to create a dynamic e-commerce website, you can always integrate a plugin like WooCommerce. 

Can I Build My Small Business Website Myself?

Content Writing Skills

No website can exist without content. You have to invest in creating good content for your site; otherwise, it will not generate user engagement. Should you choose to write your content, ensure, it is optimized for search engines. The best way to create good content is by doing keyword research and incorporating them into your content. 

SEO Skills

Your new website must be visible to users before you can make any sales or generate leads. But before that, search engines must be able to crawl the site. You will need SEO skills to optimize your small business website for search engines.

How to Build a Small Business Website

Now that you understand the skills you need to make a website let’s proceed to how you can go about it. 

Step One – Get a Domain Name and Hosting 

A domain name is your small business website’s address on the internet. The domain name you select should be sweet and short. Aside from domain names, you need hosting. You have to purchase space on a live server so that the site will appear on the internet. 

Step Two – Build the Website

You can choose to code or use CMS to make your business website. Apply all the skills we explain above to create a fully functional site for your business.


Can I build my small business website myself? Yes, you can make your business website yourself if you have the right skills. But if you don’t, you can hire a web design company.

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