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How Can I Start Blogging as a Beginner?

Ha, so you want to become a blogger, eh? Writing a blog and providing valuable information is one way to reach more people (audience) and grow a fan base. But being a blogger is not easy. Why? You have to come up with ideas. You have to write something your audiences will find helpful. You have to add value to your audience so that after reading your blog, they will nod their heads and conclude that they have learnt something. But not easy is not the same as not impossible. Yes, you can start blogging as a beginner. So, how can I start blogging as a beginner? Continue reading to find out the blogging tips for beginners. 

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Blogging Tips for Beginners

Choose a Content Management System (CMS)

You need a content management system to, as the name implies, help you manage your content. You can use several CMS to start a blog post as a beginner. One is WordPress, which is highly recommended. 

WordPress makes it easy for you to create and publish a blog post. But that is not all. After publishing the blog post, it must be indexed to appear on the search engine result page. WordPress has a solid code base that makes it easy for Google crawlers to crawl and index any indexable page on your blog. 

Well, don’t worry about all these technical SEO jargons. You don’t need them now but in the future. After installing WordPress, you can choose a simple theme and create a perfect design for your niche. Now it is time for beginners bloggers to start writing. 

Write What You Know

When writing, you should do what you love doing best. That is our number one blogging top for beginners. You may not know this, but when you write about a topic that you are passionate about, ideas will flow naturally. 

If you are a great cook, you can create a recipe blog and write about cooking. Also, if you are a mechanic, you can create a car blog and fill in the content gap. The same applies if you love travelling. You can be a travel blogger and write blog posts about places you have visited. 

Writing what you know will make it easy to impact your audiences positively and grow your fan base. You see, your audiences are very sensitive. They will stop reading your blog if they sense that you are mechanical and creating useless content. And that is the end of your blogging career. 

Choose a Blog Niche

We have discussed niche a little in the heading above. So, what is a blog niche? A blog niche is a specialized topic area that you will focus on when writing content, allowing you to narrow down your audience and write relevant content. For example, if you are a fashion designer, you can create a fashion blog and choose fashion as your niche. This will make it easy for you to create helpful content for anyone in the fashion industry. 

Research Your Audience

Audience matters when creating a blog post. They are those people that regularly read content or blog post in your niche. For example, if you write a fashion blog, your audiences are people that search the internet to read fashion content. 

To write helpful blog posts, you must research your audience to know what they want, identify the latest trend and feed them with the latest ‘fashion gossip’. When you do this, they will become your followers and keep coming back for more content.

How Can I Start Blogging as a Beginner?

How Do I Choose Topics to Write About?

Well, this is the tricky part of blogging as a beginner. One easy way to do this is by applying an SEO keyword research strategy. You must use keyword research tools like Google Trend, Ubersuggest and Semrush to find out what your audiences are interested in. 

Let’s use the fashion example again. If you want to write content about the latest fashion trend, you can use Google Trends to know trending online topics. 

After, you can search those topics with keyword research tools like Semrush and Ubersuggest to know their search volume and difficulty. Then, you can write your content around the keywords you chose. Learn how to start writing a blog post here. 


How can I start blogging as a beginner? To start writing a blog as a newbie, you must use a good content management system like WordPress to host your content, research your audience to write something useful for them, research keywords and choose the best topic to write about. 

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