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How Do I Find Good Writers?

Are you building a business online? You will need a website to get your business or organization before thousands or millions of people surf the internet daily. But building a website requires skills. You have to hire the right web developer to make it from scratch. Aside from that, you have to hire SEO content writers to write great content for you. “Content is king”; no need to dispute that. That is why you should hire the best writers to use their skills to promote your business. This article discusses how to hire remote SEO content writers. 

  1. Know Your Content Writing Needs

    To find good writers, you must know your content needs. Why do you need a content writer? Do you want content or a copy? How many articles do you want per month? What keywords do you intend to target, and how are they related to your business? 

    Knowing your content needs is the first step to hiring the right content writer. Knowing what you want makes you more likely to get it. That is why if you want to write the landing page content of your business website, you should look for a writer with experience writing copy that sells. 

    Also, if you want to write the product description of your e-commerce store, you need someone to write persuasive copy to help you sell your products. Do you need long-form articles to help inform your audience about the latest product updates? 

    Then you have to hire a content writer with research skills to put in great content from different sources. If you need content writing and keyword research, you must hire SEO writers to help you plan your content before writing. 

    Aside from SEO skills, a writer should be able to do research and plan content using the right keywords. Also, proofreading and editing skills are crucial to writing great content. 

  2. Determine Your Hiring Model

    How do you want to hire SEO content writers? Do you want them to work from an office in your organization? Are you a small business with few resources to build an in-house team of writers? Do you want talents from other parts of the world? 

    Your hiring model matters if you want to hire the right remote SEO content writers. While most organizations have an in-house team of writers, others are adopting remote work practices. Hiring remote SEO content writers is a great way to find the right skills while saving costs. 

    There are three kinds of remote outsourcing businesses can try when hiring a content writer – onshoring, offshoring, and nearshoring. Onshoring is when you hire remote writers from the country you operate from. This hiring model is perfect if you want a team that shares the same work culture and tax law as yours. 

    Offshoring is when you hire writers from a country that is far from yours. In offshore outsourcing, you and the writer live in different time zones and continents. The good side of offshoring is that you can get writers you will pay less than onshoring. 

  3. Know Your Budget

    How much are you ready to spend on the content? While different content writers will charge different amounts per word, you should be ready to pay what is fair if you want good content. 

    Some content writers will charge between $200 and $300 per article, while others will charge you $0.20 and $0.30 per word. 
    Note that most content writers include content planning and keyword research as part of their service, while others that charge cheap don’t. Your budget will determine the quality of content you get.How to Hire Remote SEO Content Writers

  4. Find the Best Fit 

    Finding the right content writer is a tedious task for some business owners. While some will go for freelance writers, others will post advert online when looking for writers. 

    The best way to hire writers is through an outsourcing service like Websavis. At Websavis, we help businesses and organizations build their remote team. 

    Our services include matching you with pre-vetted experts like web developers, SEO specialists, content writers, graphic designers, and digital marketers to make your business successful. 

    You can find vetted SEO content writers from our ecosystem to write conversion-generating content for your business. No need to interview and onboard writers; we help you handle the difficult part.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Find a Good Content Writer?

Referrals and word of mouth are the best way to get quality content writers because they come from someone who has vetted their work. If you want to find writers easily, use an outsourcing service like Websavis, which will match you with pre-vetted content writers. 

What Does a Remote Writer Do?

A remote writer will produce copy for websites and blogs. They are specialized in presenting information in an easy-to-read, informative way to help your audience know more about your business. Skills of a writer are SEO, content planning and research, proofreading and editing, and writing. 

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