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How Do I Find SEO Keywords for My Website?

Are you planning to create great content but don’t know what to write? “Content is king” and the ingredient to increased organic traffic. But to write good content, you have to know what your targeted audience wants. This means that you have to do keyword research, which is easy for experts but a little difficult for newbies. So, how do I find SEO keywords for my website? Let’s find the answer in this article. 

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Why Is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word your audience type into the search engine when looking for information. For example, “car” is a keyword online users will type when looking for something related to cars. Another example of a keyword is “bread”. Online users are typing billions of keywords every day when doing a search query on popular search engines like Google and Bing. So, if you want to increase your website’s visibility and organic traffic, you have to write your content around the keywords your audience is searching for. 

Keyword Vs Key Phrase, Which Is Better for SEO 

When writing content for your website, maximizing every opportunity to reach your target audience should be your priority. And this means using the best queries to get more organic traffic. One way you can do that is to use key phrases when planning your content. Key phrases, unlike keywords, are groups of words that your audience types into the search engine. For example, “car” is a keyword that people hardly type when searching for things related to cars. To be more specific, online users will type “cars for sale”, or “car repair shop” when they are searching for things on the internet. 

Another difference between a keyword and a key phrase is that keywords have high SEO search difficulty, while key phrases have low search difficulty. For example, if you are to write content on cars, your content might not be able to compete with top websites on the search engine result page. But if you expand your keyword and write your content on “how to find a car repair shop near me”, you will find it easy to rank high on the SERP when local customers search for your content.  

Search intent is something you must consider when writing content for your website. This is another reason you should expand your keyword into key phrases when researching your content. The search intent is the reason your audiences are searching for something. For example, if you write your content on “bread” and still manage to get some traffic, you may not get quality traffic. This is because “bread” as a keyword is too broad. If for example, you sell baking ingredients, writing about “bread” in general will not be a good idea. 

To be more specific, you can write “How to bake bread” which will attract online visitors that want to bake and are looking for backing ingredients. And if you have a bakery, you can write “Hot bread for sale near me”, which will attract customers that want to buy bread. So, you can search how key phrases help you know your online visitors’ search intent and be specific to get the right audience.

How Do I Find SEO Keywords for My Website?

Finding SEO Keywords, How to…

There are several ways to find SEO keywords for your website when planning content. One way is by using software to do your research. The other way is by using Google search. 

Using Software to Do Keyword Research

There are lots of software that you can use to do keyword research. One of them is Semrush. Other keyword research and SEO tools you can use are Ahref and Ubersuggest. These softwares we mentioned are perfect because they show you what your audiences are searching for online. You can always conduct keyword research and expand your keyword to get more key phrases. Semrush and Ubersuggest even further to show you the search volume and difficulty. This will make you select the best key phrases that will increase your website’s organic traffic. The downside of these SEO keyword research tools is that they are not free. You have to subscribe to their services to use them. 

Using Google Search to Do Keyword Research

To use Google search, just type the seed keyword and examine the results. Scroll down to the “people also ask” or “related search”  section to get relevant key phrases your audiences are searching for without spending a dime. The key phrases you will find are questions your audiences are searching for provided by Google, which if you write your content around them will boost your organic traffic. 


How do I find SEO keywords for my website? To find the right keyword, you can use paid SEO tools like Semrush, Ahref, and Ubersuggest. These SEO keyword research tools will enable you to get all the key phrases online visitors are searching for. Also, they will show the search volume and difficulty of each key phrase. The other way to find SEO keywords is to use the “people also ask” and “related search” sections on the Google result page.

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