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How Do I Find the Right Website Design Agency?

Are you planning to build a website? Finding the best website design agency will be difficult if you are new to web development. Most business owners will outsource the task to any web design agency and later discover that the website does not match its goals. They fail to understand that building a business website involves more than just coding alone. Most web design agencies fail to consider that. This write-up provides advice on how you can hire the right website design agency to make your site. 

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Why Should I Hire a Website Design Agency?

Building a website is not easy; it requires lots of coding experience. Most websites are custom-built using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programming languages. While other websites are built with Content Management System or CMS built like WordPress. If you desire to make your online store or business website yourself, you need to have all the relevant experience to create a better one. ‘Relevant experience’ goes beyond coding alone; you must know SEO content writing and SEO. If you don’t have web development experience, you must hire a website design agency. 

 Website Design Agency

Finding the Right Web Design Agency

Before hiring a web design agency, you must consider several things if you want a functional website for your business. 

Consider Their Services

Building a website involves more than writing code. That is what most business owners fail to understand. A good website must have conversion-generating content and be optimized for search engines. Hiring a web design company that codes alone will make you miss out on these other services. And your website will not perform well on search engines, which will spell doom for your business.

Ask If they Do Responsive Web Design

Gone are those days when website developers designed different websites for mobile and desktop. But most website design companies still do that old web development practice. Before you employ a web design company, you should ask if they do responsive website design. A responsive website looks good on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Building a responsive site will create a good UX, which might increase its chance of appearing on the search engine result page. 

Ask If They Charge an Extra Fee to Integrate with Database

Database integration is crucial for a dynamic website. If you are making a business website, you will want your customers to interact with you. Every business site must have a contact form that customers can use to reach the owners. Also, if your small business offers services that require a subscription, you must allow your clients to create an account with your business. The web design company you hire must provide database integration at no extra cost. Some web development agencies charge extra to connect to the database, while some build a static website as a standard service. 

Ask If They Will Use CMS or Build Bespoke Website

The kind of website that you build for your business matters. Most website design agencies use content management systems like WordPress to build a website for their clients. Other agencies will build custom or bespoke websites for their clients. If you don’t know much about website development, you should hire an agency that will use CMS like WordPress. A custom website is good, but it is not good for starters. You will find it difficult to update your website yourself. After building it, editing your website is crucial if you have to add blog posts. If you build a bespoke website, it will be difficult to add blog posts to it. 

What About Their SEO Services?

Search engine optimization is crucial if your small business website must survive online. And the good thing about SEO is that it begins right from when your website is built. The right web design agency will build a website that loads fast. Also, a good web design company must get the structure of your website right and ensure that it adheres to SEO standards. If your website SEO is not good, you will spend extra cash on hiring an SEO company to do the task for you. So the point is, when hiring a web design agency, you should hire one that will do SEO right from the start. Websavis, integrate SEO services when developing your website. If you hire Websavis to build your website, you don’t have to spend extra cash outsourcing your SEO to other developers. We will make your website SEO friendly. 

Do They Do Keyword and Content Research?

Your website content matters. You should hire a web design company that offers content writing and optimization as part of its services. Your website content must match your customers’ needs, and it must create engagement that will generate profit for your business. Ask your website design agency if they do keyword research, content analysis, and optimization. Few website agencies offer all these services. 


You have to look past web development alone to hire the right website design agency. You should hire an agency that does responsive website design, content planning and writing, and SEO services.

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