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How Do I Hire Content Writers on a Budget?

Hiring content writers is easy, but hiring the best content writers on a budget is a little difficult. Why? There are lots of writers out there, and they all claim to know how to create content, which is false. So, how do you identify the right writer that meets your business needs? This article provides a detailed guide on how to hire content writers on a budget for your business. 

What Is a Content Writer?

A content writer is an expert that creates that part of a website that encourages your audiences to take action. Content writers create the content your online visitors will read when they land on your website. Writing content aims to persuade your audiences to take action by filling out a form or buying one of your products or services. 

Type of Content

There are different types of content, which are

  • Blog or article writing,
  • Email writing,
  • Advertisement or promotional content,
  • Newsletters,
  • White papers,
  • Technical writing,
  • Copywriting.

Each content type has different ways of creating them if you want your online visitors to read and engage with your business. 

How to hire content writers on a budget

How to Hire a Content Writer

There is no gainsaying that hiring a content writer on a budget for your business is not an easy task. That is why this section provides tips on the step-by-step process of finding and vetting the best writers to handle your project. 

Know the Kind of Content You Want

The first step to hiring a content writer on a budget is knowing what content you want. Since there are different content types, you should expect different specializations.

Do you want a writer to create blog posts that help explain your services better to your online audiences? Or do you want landing page content to persuade your online visitors to take action? Do you have an e-commerce website and need someone to write the product description? 

Knowing the content you need is the first step to getting the best writer to do the job. If you want blog posts, you should hire a blog writer, not a technical writer. 

How Much Do You Plan to Spend Hiring a Content Writer?

How much you budget for the content writing job determines the quality of the writer you will get. Most article writers will charge you between $0.10 and $0.30 per word, while others will charge $150 to write 1500 words of top-notch content. If you want to hire senior content writers with the ability to drive sales or readership, you should plan to spend around $50 to $1 per word. 

Don’t Hire Cheap Content Writers?

Most businesses will opt for cheap writers who charge $10 per content. While that can be cost-saving initially, it will not yield positive results. Why? Cheap writers produce content that has little to no SEO value. So, to hire content writers, you should consider skills above everything. 

Consider the Writers Skills

What are the skills of a good content writer? A writer should have SEO skills. Content writers must be able to create content following SEO best practices. For example, the writer must be able to do keyword research to identify valuable keywords that have the potential to drive content for your business. 

Also, the writer must be able to optimize the content’s title, headings, meta description, and images to ensure they contain the keywords. Aside from SEO, content writers must be able to research from different sources. And after researching, the writer should be able to write engaging content free of errors. 

Where to Find Content Writers

There are different ways of getting content writers to work on your project. You can hire freelancers who are competent in writing content in your niche. 

The advantage of hiring freelance writers is that they don’t charge much for the job. But remember that you have to coordinate your writers and ensure they produce high-quality content and finish before the deadline. 

Aside from hiring freelancers, you can hire writers from a content writing service like Websavis. Websavis has many expert writers that can handle any project in terms of complexity. Also, our delivery manager can help you coordinate the writers to ensure they produce quality content. 


Hiring content writers on a budget for your business is easy if you prepare well ahead. You should know the kind of content you want, prepare a good budget, hire writers based on skills and select a content writing service. Do you need content writers to create your content? You can hire the best SEO content writers at Websavis. Feel free to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does a Content Writer Actually Do?

A content writer writes informative and engaging articles and blog posts to help brands showcase their products or services. The writer will create content on a range of subjects and are responsible for creating the best possible written or visual content from blogs to press releases. 

Which Platform Will You Hire a Content Writer From?

You can use any freelance platform to hire content writers. Or, you can hire content writers on a budget from Websavis. 

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