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How Do I Make a Small Business Website with WordPress?

Every business needs a website to reach customers online. That is why business owners are in a rush to create one. Some have hired a web design company, while others have chosen to do it themselves. Making a small business website can be a daunting task if you have little experience. It may be even worse if you have no coding knowledge. Thanks to the development of various CMS platforms, you can make a website if you have little web development skills. This write-up explains how you can make a website with WordPress.

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In this article, you will learn how to plan your website by creating the perfect design for it. Also, you will learn how to get a good domain name and hosting service for your site. Installing WordPress and selecting a theme will be explained in detail in this article.  

Why Should I Use CMS for My Website? 

Using a CMS to build your website is the best thing you can do. Contrary to what most people think that CMS sites are not standard, using a content management system is the right thing for any business. The first benefit of CMS is that it makes you create the site easily and quickly. With the right technical skills, you can make a website in a couple of days. Another advantage of using CMS is that many technical aspects of creating a site have been taken care of. Most of the coding happens behind the scene, allowing you to copy and paste texts, images, or videos to the visual editor. Most CMS like WordPress ship with different kinds of themes and plugins that are perfect for any business. You can install any theme and plugin you desire and easily create your website. 

Making Your Website With WordPress

If you don’t know, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems anyone can use to make a site. To create a small business website with WordPress, you will need:

  • A domain name,
  • A web hosting,
  • To install WordPress,
  • A theme and plugin. 

Domain Name

No website can exist without a domain name. That is why your website needs a domain name to find its online visitors. You can compare a domain name to your house address. Your home address points to it so that people coming from any direction can come to it. But unlike most street addresses, a good domain name should not be too long; else, your visitors will not remember it. So, keep your domain name sweet and short. 

Web Hosting

After acquiring your domain name, you will need to put it live on the internet. You need to buy a space on a live server for this to happen. There are many web hosting companies you can select from when purchasing your hosting. Ensure you choose one that includes WordPress hosting packages. After purchasing your web hosting, your site will be live on the internet.  

Install WordPress on Your Server

Now that you have purchased your web hosting, the next step is to install WordPress on your live server. This process is simple for business owners that are familiar with the cPanel. The cPanel or control panel is that part of your web hosting dashboard that enables you to do many things like upload files, create databases, add subdomains, and lots of other stuff.

How Do I Make a Small Business Website with WordPress?

Go to the cPanel and search for WordPress installer or website installer. Then, you should click on install WordPress, set your username and database name and password, and wait until it finishes installing. After you click on your site, it will take you to your site’s WordPress dashboard. This WordPress dashboard is the backend, and it enables you to create pages, add products and install themes and plugins. 

Add a Theme and Plugins

Now that you are in the backend of your WordPress website, you can search for themes and plugins you will use. Note that you have to add wp-admin to your website’s URL to log into your site. If your site’s name is www.wwebake.com, then to log in, type www.wwebake.com/wp-admin. It will redirect you to a login page to put the username and password you created. Add any theme and plugins you want and make your site like a pro. 


How do I make a small business website with WordPress? To successfully create your site, you will need a domain name, web hosting, install WordPress and use any theme that fits your business.

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