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How Long Do SEO Services Take to Work?

Every SEO specialist has to deal with this question at one time or the other when dealing with their clients. Why? Business website owners want to know how long before their website starts ranking on the first page. If you have a business website that needs SEO, you want to know the answer to that question too. But the truth about search engine optimization is that SEO services work differently on every website. While it might take up to 4 months for a small business website that has been online for a while to rank number one, it can take up to 18 months for another to rank number one. This post explains how long SEO takes to work on different websites. 

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How Long Before My SEO Start Showing Results?

Calm down if you have hired an SEO specialist or company to optimize your website. Of course, every business owner will want to reap the rich reward of starting a business in a short time without waiting long. Maybe you have heard that you need SEO services for your business website to succeed online. Other business owners might give testimonies of how their website catches up within months of hiring an SEO company. While that may be correct for some websites, it is not always true for all.

That is why how long it takes for SEO to work varies on different websites. Some websites will appear on the first page within six months; others will not appear on the front page within 12 months. Several factors affect how long SEO services will work on a website. One factor is the age of the website being optimized. Another factor is the keywords or key phrases you want your website to rank for. Your website’s health is another factor that affects how long SEO will work. Now let’s consider those factors one after the other.

Your Website Age Affects How Long SEO Will Work

You may not know, but your website’s age affects how long SEO will work. It takes time for a website to get search engines to trust that the content on its web pages is genuine. If you pick a keyword and do quick research online, you will notice that the websites that rank in the first ten are more than one year old. This implies that a new website that is less than six months old will find it hard to rank for a keyword compared to a site that is about two years old. So, an old website will be easier to work on than a new website. 

Why does it take time for a new website to rank on search engines? It takes time to rank a new website because most new sites have little to no backlinks. The more backlinks your website acquires, the more its domain rating or domain authority increases. And a website with high domain authority will rank higher than one with low domain authority. 

How Long Do SEO Services Take to Work?

Your Website Health Affect How Long SEO Will Work

Unless you give your web development project to an expert web design company to develop and do SEO, your website will have a low health score. The health score of your website is a metric measured by SEO software online. Companies like Ahref and Seobility develop software an SEO specialist or company can use to measure the health score of their client’s site. 

The search engine optimization score is usually from 1 to 100, while 100 is the highest score. If a website has a low health score, then the chance that SEO will work is low. But if the website’s health score is high, then SEO services will work quickly. You should give your web development project to an expert who will ensure that your website is optimized and has a high health score.

The Keywords or Key Phrases of Your Website Affect How Long SEO Will Work

The keyword or key phrase difficulty affects how long SEO will work in SEO. If you are using a keyword or key phrase that isn’t easy to rank for, you should understand that SEO will take a while to work. A highly competitive keyword may not yield any result even when you optimize it following best practices. But if your website targets keywords with low difficulty, then SEO will work quickly.


How long do SEO services take to work? Depending on the age of your website, your website health score, and the keywords you want to rank for, your SEO services can take a long time or a short time to work. 

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