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How Long Does It Take for SEO to Start Working?

Business owners will like to know how long it takes for SEO to start working before they hire an SEO company. There is no specific time that SEO will take to work if you hire an SEO agency to help optimize your website. It is because there are lots of things that affect a website’s visibility. The difficulty of the keywords you are searching for and the age of your domain are two things that can affect your website SEO. Aside from that, the number of quality backlinks pointing to your domain will also affect how long your SEO will work. This article answers the question: How long does SEO take to start working? 

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What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to all the steps to make a website appear on a search engine result page. This may include doing on-page SEO like title and image optimization and doing off-page SEO like getting quality backlinks for the website. SEO goes beyond on-page and off-page SEO; it also includes content planning and keyword optimization. All these processes are geared toward making a website search engine and user-friendly. 

Is SEO Important for My Business?

Search engine optimization is crucial. In fact, half of the traffic on the internet is from organic searches. You can only get an organic search when you hire an SEO company to help optimize your website. The benefits of doing SEO help you understand its importance. Without SEO, your website will remain dormant with no chance of being seen by your customers. But when you optimize your website, it will gain more visibility. Another reason SEO is important is that organic traffic is free. This means that when your website appears on the search result page and your clients click on it, you don’t pay for the traffic. Lots of businesses have made thousands of dollars in profit due to doing SEO.  

Where Can I Get Someone to Do SEO for My Website?

If you discover that your website receives little to no traffic per month, you need someone to optimize it. This means that you have to hire an SEO expert to do the task. Some business owners have chosen to hire freelance SEO specialists to optimize their websites, while others have hired an SEO company. When hiring an SEO expert, you should avoid cheap services. Most freelance SEO specialists will tell you they will do your SEO for just $50. These quacks are after your money because SEO is more than a magical process where someone will ‘cook’ this and that to get the answer. SEO must be done with care to achieve the best outcome as a result-driven process. 

How Long Before SEO Start Working?

How long it takes for your website to start appearing on organic searches depends on many factors. One thing to consider is the age of the website. Is your website a newly set up site? It will take a while for new websites to receive any organic traffic. This is because it has to build trust in search engines before it can rank. For new websites, it can take up to 18 months to receive organic traffic. One way to speed up the process is to create articles or blog posts to help generate more keywords the site will rank for.

 If your website has been on the internet for a while, it can take between 6 and 12 months to receive organic traffic. Websites that are performing well will take 2 to 4 months to receive organic traffic. Another thing that affects how long your website will rank is the difficulty of the keywords you are ranking for. If your business website targets low-difficulty keywords, it will not take long before it ranks in the top ten. 

How Long Does It Take for SEO to Start Working?

Low-difficulty keywords have a range of 0 to 30. Anything keyword with a difficulty above 30 will take time and a lot of effort to optimize. The domain authority of your website also matters. Most websites that rank in the top ten have high domain authority. This means that for your business website to rank high, you need to increase its domain authority. And the best way business owners can do that is by hiring SEO experts to help you get quality backlinks. 


How long does it take for SEO to start working? How long it takes depends on the age of your website, the difficulty of the keywords you are ranking for, and your domain authority. If your website has been online for a while, it can take between 6 and 12 months for you to start seeing results. Of course, it can be lower or higher than that. 

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