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How Long Does It Take to Set Up My Online Store?

An online store gives business owners the power to sell their products to more people. With an online store, you can conveniently increase the revenue of your business. Aside from that, you can generate leads when you make an online store. This write-up discusses how long it takes to set up an online store.

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What Is An Online Store?

An online store is a website or a platform that enables you to list and sell your products to customers without meeting them physically. This kind of store is also known as an e-commerce store. You can also see your online store as the virtual version of your physical store, a website that makes it easy for your customers to see when you are selling without visiting the store. There are millions of online stores on the internet today selling different products. Enlightened business owners have taken steps to get their business online instead of depending on walk-in customers alone. Millions of inline stores mean that businesses must compete for the same customers to make profits. That is why no business should lag to create a website. 

How Do I Create an Online Store?

There are two ways of making an online store for your business. The first way is to code it yourself. This way is for business owners that have coding experience. If you know how to code and use the various content management systems, you can go ahead and build your online store. Another way to create an online store is by hiring a web design company to help you with the task. A web design company has a team of experienced web developers that are capable of making the most sophisticated website for your business. Of course, building your website yourself is a great way to save money, but when you hire a web design company, you leave the job to the experts. 

How Long Before I Get My Online Store?

How long it takes to get your online store depends on the website’s size. Also, it depends on how many people are working on the website. If you decide to make your online store yourself, it can take three to six weeks to build your e-commerce website. But if you hire a web development company, it can take about two to three weeks. A web design agency has a team of developers that can work on a website simultaneously. The more the experts working on an online store, the faster it is to make it. Another thing that affects how fast it takes to build an online store is having everything ready.

For your e-commerce website to take shape, you need quality content. Every website needs well-written text and images to engage with customers. You will need the service of a content writer to help you create the perfect content for your website. Never underestimate the power of good content in ranking your website. Most online store owners will make mistakes in writing their content and end up with little or no visibility. So, if you have your content ready, you can get a team of developers that will make it within weeks. 

How Much Will I Spend to Create an Online Store?

How Long Does It Take to Set Up My Online Store?

To make an online store, you have to hire web developers. This means that you will spend money. Even if you choose to build your online stores yourself, you still have to spend money. This is because you have to buy a domain name and web hosting. Your online store must have a name for accessibility and hosting to put it on the internet. A domain name can cost you $25 per year if you include SSL as part of your package. Web hosting is more expensive than a domain name. 

You will spend about $500 to purchase a space on a live server for five years. If you are building your online store yourself, you have to install a CMS platform like WordPress and use WooCommerce to make your store. Some plugins can help you sell more online that you can use along with WooCommerce. Most of those plugins are not free, so you might have to pay for them. If you want to hire a web design company to make your store, you can spend about $2000 minus the domain and hosting fee. 


How long does it take to set up my online store? Depending on the size of your store and if you have your content ready, it can take between two and three weeks to make your online store if you hire web developers. 

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