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How Much Do Content Writing Services Cost?

Hiring an SEO content writing service to create content for your website is good if you want your website to rank online. Good content helps your online visitors find useful information on your website and help them make their buying decision. Also, writing well-optimized for your website will help search engine bots understand your business. But to produce good content, you have to persevere in writing great content yourself. Or, you can hire content writing services to help you with the job. So, how much do content writing services cost? 

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What Are Content Writing Services? 

A content writing service is an agency that provides content writing, content marketing, copywriting, product description, and social media marketing for clients. This agency helps you create text, infographics, and video content for your website. Such content can be promotional, informational, or reviews about your business. Content writing services also include SEO content writing. The aim of creating content for a business website is to reach more audiences and generate leads. 

How Much Does Content Writing Services Cost?

The amount you pay for content writing depends on the type of content you want. Most content writing agencies charge separately for blog posts, landing pages, and product reviews. While some can charge you $100 for a landing page, others will charge between $50 and $100 for a blog post. You should expect to pay between $50 and $100 per description for product descriptions. If you have a large content project, the content writing service you hire can discount the cost for you. 

Type of Content Writing Services

Depending on your website’s need, you can opt for blog or article writing, landing page, product review, and product description. 

Blog or Article Writing 

Most content writing services offer blog or article writing as part of their services. A blog is an article containing information about a business. This kind of content is added to a website regularly so that online visitors will keep coming back for more information. A blog post can be information about a new service, how to use a product, or an update about the latest product. The aim of adding blog posts to your site is to help your visitors find relevant information about your services that would help them. 

For the articles you add to your website to be useful, they must help your readers in one way or the other. Blog posts are simple to create if you have lots of time and energy to brainstorm a topic and write. But if you are busy, hiring a content writing agency to draft good content is the best idea. They won’t just create content; they will help you write and optimize your content for search engines. 

Landing Page Content

Another type of content is the landing page content. A landing page is a page that your visitors will “land” or reach when they click a URL on your website. The landing page usually provides more information about your business or services, and it helps persuade your audience to buy your product. Unlike blog content that provides information that can help your audience, the primary aim of creating a landing page is to convert your visitors into leads and paying customers. 

Blog posts are informational while landing pages are promotional. The landing page on your site can be your index page and any other page that provides more information about a service. How a landing page is written is quite different from how blog posts are written. You must be a creative writer to draft your landing page content, or you can hire a content writing service for the job. 

Product Description and Review

Writing product descriptions and product reviews are also part of content writing. A product description is a type of online marketing copy used to describe or explain the benefits of a product in detail. A product description provides all the information your customers need to know about your product before purchasing it. Unlike a product description, a product review is a critique written to give customers more insight into a product’s features and benefits. If you have a large eCommerce store, you can write your product descriptions or hire content writing services to do it for you. 

Content Writing Services Cost

Hiring the Right Content Writing Service

For those that have experience hiring, it is not difficult to get a good content writing service. But if you are new to hiring a content writing service, it is not an easy task. You must ensure that the agency you hire has writers that have experience in your business industry. To ensure that you get unique content for your website, you should hire a service that does plagiarism checks after writing. Proofreading and editing are crucial for all web content.

The content writing service you hire must proofread and edit your work to ensure that it does not contain any grammatical errors. Most business website owners fall for a content writing agency that charges cheap to write content. Those content mills will go online and hire cheap writers who will spurn content. You should employ quality content writing services to ensure you get the best and be ready to pay a fair price for the content.


How much do content writing services cost? The amount you will pay for content depends on the kind and the length. Some writing agencies will charge between $50 to $100 for a 1000 words content, while others will charge more. 

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