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How Much Do You Pay a Blog Writer?

“Hmm.. Writing a blog is simple, so there is no need to look for someone to write my content.” Most business website owners think like that. They are made to believe that web development is the only thing that matters when building a website. When it comes to adding content to their website, some will write it themselves. How hard can it be? Other business website owners will hire anyone (cheap article writers) to write anything on their website. They do this because they don’t know the value of good content. You should go for the best content if you have a business website. To do that, you have to be ready to pay what is fair for your blog posts. This article answers the question, how much do you pay a blog writer?

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What Is a Blog Post?

A blog post is an article that is uploaded to the blog section of your website. This post provides more information about your products or services to your audience. Blog posts serve many functions, which include providing the latest update about a product or service, teaching your audience how to use your products, and answering questions related to your services. 

What Are the Benefits of Writing Blog Posts on Your Website?

Having a blog section on your website has lots of benefits. The benefits include reaching more audiences who will later become potential clients, increased revenue when your audience engages with your business, and gaining more organic traffic. When you write an article that informs your audience or answers a question about your products or service, you will have more people visiting your website. 

If the article you write makes sense and answers their questions, online users that visit your website will eventually become paying clients. Blog posts can help to grow your website’s organic traffic. The more topics you write, the more search engines rank your website for key phrases related to your business. And that is how your organic traffic will increase. All these benefits are possible if you hire the right blog writer to write content for your website. 

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How Much Is Content Writing Services Pricing?

How much you pay for content depends on the kind and who you hire to write it for you. Content writing services pricing can cost between $50 to $100 per article. If you want a blog post that provides information about your services, you can get an article writer that will charge between $50 and $100. Most content writing services will charge more for technical articles. But keep in mind that the kind of article you want determines the price. 

Aside from that, another thing that determines the amount you will pay for content writing services pricing is the number of words in the article. A 1000-word article will be more expensive than 500-word content. This is because most content writing services’ pricing is per word. So, if you pay $0.10 per word, you will spend about $100 for a 1000-word article. 

You should pay a blog writer between $50 and $100 for a blog post. Most blog writers will charge you cheap to write for them. A cheap article writing service may not favor your business if you plan to generate revenue for your website. Unfortunately, most business website owners don’t think that way. They will hire cheap blog writers and get content that will receive little to no visibility on search engines. 

Where Can I Hire a Blog Writer?

There are several ways of hiring a blog writer to create blog posts for your website. One way is by searching the internet and exploring freelance services. Most freelance services have many article writers who can write lots of content for a low price. But when hiring a content writer, quantity should not be your goal; instead, you should watch out for quality. Another way to create content for your website is by hiring a content writing service. 

A content writing service is a firm that handles content writing. The firm has a team of expert content writers who will not only write your content but plan it and do keyword analysis. Of course, it may be pricey to hire a content writing service, but you will get the best SEO-optimized content when you hire one. 


How Much Do You Pay a Blog Writer? A blog writer will charge you between $50 and $100 per content. The content is usually between 1000 and 1500 words. You should go for quality content writing services when hiring a blog writer.

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