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How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost?

Whether you are a caterer, a retail store owner, a pet business owner, or you run an agency, creating a great website is one way you can move your business forward. And the best way to build a website is to hire a web design company. If you choose to hire the service of a company, you will spend money. How much does a small business website cost? The answer to that question depends on the website’s size and the features you include in your web development package. 

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What Is a Small Business Website? 

Most business owners will advertise their business with a local radio station or put billboards in front of their stores. These techniques of getting customers are limited because you can only reach customers who can see the billboards or live in your vicinity. That might be good for businesses that do local services, but what about businesses that sell to long-distance customers? You will be missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of customers if you depend on local promotions alone. 

The best way to reach more customers is by creating a website for your business. A small business website makes it possible for you to show your business or services to online visitors. It is the online representation of your business. Just like a physical store helps you sell more products or services, a website helps you sell to online visitors.

What Are the Advantages of a Small Business Website?

A website helps your firm reach customers who won’t have come across your business. This means that a website gives your business exposure and brings in the right customers. Aside from that, making a website for your business will enable you to generate more profit. When your customers engage with your business, they will buy one of your products or services online. 

How Much Will I Spend on a Small Business Website?

The amount you will spend depends on the kind of site and the widgets on it. Also, it depends on the web development package you select. If you have a design and need web development alone, you won’t spend much. But if your website development package includes web design, development, content writing, and SEO, you will spend a fair amount to create it. The kind of developers you hire also determines how much you will spend. Hiring a freelance web developer will reduce costs, but the result might not be what you want. If you opt to hire a web design company, you will pay for the quality service.

Most web design companies have a team of designers, developers, SEO specialists, and content writers that they can assign to work on your website. Hiring the service of a website design agency might seem expensive at first, but the result will please you. Websavis, a web design company, charges business owners per page to build their website. The starting price for web design is $50. Web development also starts at $50 per page, and the price might go up depending on whether it is a business website, a personal website, or an e-commerce website. Business and e-commerce development start at $100 per page.

If you want the professionals to write your content, the price starts from $50 for 1000 words. They offer free SEO services when they build your website with you. So, you can save money you would have spent on hiring an SEO agency. If you select website design, development, and content writing, the total amount you will spend is $150 for one page. If the website is ten pages, multiply $150 by 10, and you will get $1500. Of course, the total amount you will spend may be less than that. If you decide to drop web design, that will be minus $500. 

Small Business Website Cost

Steps to Build Your Business Website

Before you start building your website, you have to prepare ahead. 

Select a Domain Name

Your domain name points to your website the way your home address points to your house. To keep things simple, you should select a domain name that is not too long. Your customers won’t be able to type in and remember a domain name that is too long. Also, the domain name you select should be related to your business. After getting a domain name, you can search to see if it is available. 

Select a Good Web Hosting Service

You have to host your website on a live server to make it visible to online visitors. Several websites hosting companies exist, but you should ensure that you select one that uses the latest technology. Cheap website hosting services will slow down the performance of your website. So, avoid cheap web hosting companies. 

Hire a Website Development Company

After securing your domain and website hosting, you can hire a website development company to build the website. Or, if you know how to build a website, you can start building it yourself. 


How much does a small business website cost? There is no fixed price to make a website. The amount you will spend to make your website depends on the services you select and the number of pages on your website.

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