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How Much Does a WordPress Website Costs in Nigeria?

Are you planning to increase your business revenue? More and more business owners in Nigeria are turning to the internet to get more customers. And so should you! One way you can reach more customers online in Nigeria is by building a website for your business. While a website has many benefits that make it worthwhile, making one can be an uphill task for newbies. This means that you have to hire a web developer in Nigeria to make one for you. But before that, you have to know how much a WordPress website costs in Nigeria.  

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What Is a WordPress Website, and Why Do You Need One?

Have you been told that you need a WordPress website? Most business owners have been told that they need a WordPress website and won’t help to wonder; what the heck is a WordPress website? If you are hearing about WordPress for the first time, no worries, this is the right time to explain it in detail. 

A WordPress website is like every other website on the internet, except that it is built on the WordPress platform. What the heck is the WordPress platform? WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to make a website without writing much code. This CMS was originally developed for blogging and has evolved into a full-fledged website-building platform. 

So with WordPress, a web developer can easily build a functional business website. But that is not all. WordPress makes it easy for business owners to optimize their websites for search engines. Optimizing a website is a world of its own, and it is crucial if you want your business website to appear on the search engine result page when your customers in Nigeria search for it. You can read more about why optimizing your website is crucial. 

How Much Does a WordPress Website Costs in Nigeria?

But why do I need a WordPress website? If you are a business owner that wants to build a website in Nigeria, you need a WordPress website because it is a cheap alternative to an HTML website. Aside from that, WordPress makes it easy for you to do SEO and add your content to your website. And if you ever want to update your website after developing it, you can do that effortlessly with WordPress. 

Breakdown of a WordPress Website Cost in Nigeria

A WordPress website is a cheap alternative to an HTML website. But that doesn’t mean that you will not spend money to build a WordPress website in Nigeria. One common myth about WordPress that persist with business owners in Nigeria is that it is free. So, when some business owners in Nigeria think about a WordPress website, they will expect to pay little or nothing for it. But that is not right because your website can be cheap or expensive based on the features, the complexity of the design, and the number of pages on it. WordPress websites are not free, except if you want a site which is not even a website.

What You Need to Make a Functional WordPress Website in Nigeria

To make a WordPress website for your business in Nigeria, you need:

  • A WordPress developer,
  • An SEO content writer,
  • A domain name,
  • Web hosting,
  • Themes,
  • Plugins.

WordPress Developer

Building a WordPress website in Nigeria is not an easy task. If you have little to know web development skills, it is not advisable to attempt making your website. That is why you should hire a web developer in Nigeria to help you with the task. 

To make a WordPress website in Nigeria, a web developer will charge you between #6000 and #10,000 per page depending on the complexity of your website. If your business website needs custom plugins, you can pay your WordPress developer up to #1500000 for your website.

SEO Content Writer 

You may not know that hiring an SEO content writer in Nigeria is equally important as hiring a WordPress web developer. This is because it is one thing for you to have a website and another to have a website that will be useful to you.

 If you want your website to be useful to you; attract the right customers, then you need an SEO content writer. The content on your WordPress website matters if you want search engines to index and render your website. An SEO content writer will charge between #6000 and #10,000 to create conversion-generating content for your website.

Domain Name

Your domain name will make your website accessible on the internet. It is what your customers will search for when they want to visit your website. Web developers don’t sell a domain. To get one, you have to buy from a domain name registrar like Hostinger or Bluehost. A domain name will cost #18,000 if you include domain privacy and an SSL certificate. 

Web Host

For your WordPress website to be visible on the internet, you need web hosting. You have to purchase a space on the server of a hosting company where your WordPress website’s files will be stored. Depending on the number of years you choose, web hosting can cost you between #60,000 and #120,000. 


For your WordPress website to take shape, you have to install a theme. You can download it from the theme library or have your WordPress developer build a custom theme. Depending on the nature of your business, you should choose the former because a custom theme will cost you a lot. 

For the theme library, you can download any theme you want. While most themes are free, they have paid features that you can use to increase the functionalities of your website. Paid features start around #30,000 per year if you are using the Astra theme. 


While you can make a complete website using the free features of the theme you select, you need plugins for your WordPress website. Examples of plugins you need are Elementor, WooCommerce, and Yoast SEO. The paid feature of Elementor and Yoast will cost you #60,000 per year, #30,000 for each, while WooCommerce free features are enough to make your online store. 

Total Cost of Building a WordPress Website in Nigeria

WordPress developer – #60,000 to #100,000

SEO content writer – #60,000 to #100,000

Domain name – #18,000

Web hosting – #60,000 to #120,000

Themes – free

Plugins – #60,000

So, in total, the total cost of making a WordPress website in Nigeria is between #258,000 and #398,000.


How much does a WordPress website cost in Nigeria? A WordPress website’s cost varies on the number of pages and the complexity of your website. Business owners in Nigeria should be ready to pay between #258,000 and #398,000 for a fully functional WordPress. This price includes a web developer fee, domain name, web hosting, and content. 

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