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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Developer for a Website?

So you are planning to build a website for your business. Many business owners like you are moving their firm online. The internet is one medium you can use to promote your business. You will get an online representation of your business with a website informing your customers about the latest products or services. Aside from that, businesses have successfully increased sales and revenue by making an e-commerce website. This means that if you want your business to scale, you need a website. But getting a website doesn’t come easy. You have to invest your time and skill if you want to do it yourself. Or, you should hire a web developer to make your website. If you plan to hire someone, how much does it cost to hire a developer to make a website?

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What Does It Mean to Make a Website? 

There are several things involved when making a website for your business. While most business owners will try to save costs by using free website builders, others will go for cheap website developers. But neither of the two options will help your business website. Free websites have limited features, making them useless for business until you subscribe to their pro services, which will even cost more than building a website. Cheap website developers are incompetent.

 Most of them have no idea of what it takes to make a website generate revenue. They make your website without adding the right content and doing SEO. If you plan to make money with your business website, you will avoid free websites and won’t hire cheap web developers. To make a functional website, you need a domain name and web hosting. Your domain name points to your website, while web hosting puts the site on the internet. Aside from that, you need a good web design. 

The web design is what your website looks like when your customers click on it. Your website design must be responsive to fit all device types. Aside from getting a responsive web design, you need the right web developers to code the site. You can code your website from scratch or use a CMS platform like WordPress. 

When coding your website, you must add content for it to take shape. The content of your website is what your audience will engage with. It must contain the right keywords and provide valuable information. After adding content, you must optimize the website for search engines, which means doing SEO. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Developer for a Website?

Cost of Making a Website

The cost of making a website varies. This is because the number of pages on the website affects how much you will pay. Aside from that, the features on the site can increase the cost. The experience of the web developer matters when making your website. And if you want the four essential web development services, you will spend more money to make the site. 

Number of Pages Affect Website Cost

Do you want a simple portfolio website with a few pages? If you own photography business or a small business, your website does not require many pages. This means that you will spend less to make the site than a large business website. Most web developers will charge you per page to make your website. 

Some web developers will charge $100 per page, which can cost $500 if there are five pages on the site. If you want a large website with many product descriptions, you will spend a lot. Let’s say your e-commerce website has more than 20 pages; you will spend around $2000 to make it. 

The Features on Your Website Affect the Cost

Do you want a website with a pricing calculator or estimator? Most business websites have features that make it easy for their customers to estimate how much they will spend. Adding features like that on your website will increase the amount you will spend to make it. That is why most large business websites cost more than small websites. 

Experience Matters

Many web developers are online, but most don’t know what it takes to make a functional website. If you want to hire an experienced web developer, you should be ready to pay more for the service. An experienced web developer will help you plan your business website from start to finish. While hiring an experienced developer is a good idea, it costs money. You will be charged around $1000 and $3000 when you hire the right web developer. 

The Package You Select Affects the Price

If you want web development only, you won’t pay as much as someone that selects content writing and SEO in addition to that. Web development alone is not enough to make a website. You must add the right content and optimize the site for search engines. Adding all those essential services will increase the amount you will spend to make your website. For example, if your website has 10 pages and you are charged $100 per page, you will pay $3000 if you select web development, content writing, and SEO services. 


The amount it costs to hire a developer for a website varies. You can spend around $500 if you have a small website. If you have a large website, you will spend $3000 or more when selecting all the essential web development services.

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