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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Web Design Agency?

If you hire a web design company to build a large website for you, you should prepare to spend much on the service. But if your website has few pages, the web design agency you hire will charge you less. Also, the amount you will pay for a website depends on the services you want. Complete web development services include web design, development, SEO, and content writing. Selecting all those services will further increase how much you will spend to make your website. This article answers the question, how much does it cost to hire a web design agency? 

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What Is a Web Design Agency?

A web design agency is a firm that helps you to build a website for your business. But it does more than that. Most web design companies do all the complete web development services. They have an in-house team of web designers, web developers, SEOs, and content writers to help you with any service that you want. 

Services of a Web Design Agency

The amount you will pay for a website depends on the package (services) you select. Selecting one of the web development packages will obviously reduce cost. If you want the agency to develop your website alone, there will be no need to pay for design, content, and SEO. These are the primary services of a web development agency. So, the services of a good web design agency are: 

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing and 
  • SEO Services

Some agencies go further to include social media marketing as part of their services. 

Web Design Services

This is the first thing to do before building your website. Most web design firms will charge you between $50 and $100 per page to design a site. So, if your business website has ten pages, you should plan to spend around $500 and $1000 for design only. Note the price range. This is because web design companies charge differently. While some can charge cheaply to make a website, others can charge a large amount. 

But a good web design agency will charge you what is fair. Designing a website involves creating a layout before the developers code it. The website’s layout will let you know what it will look like before it is coded. Most web design companies incorporate responsive website design to make your website accessible on all devices. This is to adhere to the standard set by search engines and ensure that your visitors will have a good experience on your site. 

Web Development Services

Web development involves coding the website or using CMS platforms to drag and drop widgets until you have finished making the site. Like web design, web development will cost you around $50 and $100 per page. And that price depends on the features on your web pages. If your website needs custom features, your web design agency will charge more than the amount we mentioned above to make a website for you. 

Content Writing Services

You don’t need content writing services if you have your content ready. But if you don’t, you can select content writing as part of your web development package. Content writing is one of the tasks of a web design agency, and it involves making or writing the content that will appear on your web pages. You can write your content if you are an expert writer and have knowledge of SEO. But if you do not know SEO and keyword research, you should let the experts handle your content. Most web design agencies will charge you $50 and $100 for 1000 words. If your website needs large content, you will pay more for the content. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Web Design Agency?

SEO Services

This service involves optimizing the website to increase its organic traffic. You wouldn’t need much SEO if a good web design agency built your website for you. Most SEO services are best done when building the site, not after. If you select optimization as part of your web development services, you should expect to pay around $500 if your website has only ten pages. The more the pages, the more expensive the SEO service will become. 

So, How Much Will I Pay a Web Design Agency for a Website?

We mention that selecting all the four web development packages means that you may pay between $50 to $100 per page or even more, depending on the company you hire. If you are charged $50 per page for each service, you will spend around $200 for web design, development, content, and SEO. This means that if your website is 10 pages, the total amount you will pay will be $2000. Reducing the services you need will reduce the cost. If you decide to remove web design, you will pay around $1500 for your website. 

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