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How often Should You Post a Blog on Your Website?

Every website needs a blog. Adding blog posts to your website is essential if you want it to be discovered by new visitors and search engines. Most website owners know the value of adding more articles to their websites. Some have taken their time to write more and more blog posts to make their site relevant. But how many blog posts should you add to their website? Well, that depends on your content marketing strategy. You can hire a content writing service to add more quality blog posts until you have covered everything about your business. But how often should you post a blog on your website? Let’s consider the answer to that question in detail. 

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What Are Blog Posts?

If you are creating a website for your business, you might not know much about a blog posts. But you might have heard someone talk about blogging or have seen a blog page on a website you have visited. The difference between a blog post and other pages on your website is that the content of a blog post is updated regularly. Unlike static pages on your website, a blog post is a page that contains information about your business and allows your visitors to add comments or interact with you.

Interacting with their visitors is one reason most business owners or bloggers will add blog posts to their websites. Blogs are written in an informal style to make it seem like the writer is talking directly to the reader. The reason for this is to make it easier for your audience to read the posts. Blog posts can range from 750 to 1500 words. The number of words you should add to a single blog post depends on the extent of the topic you are discussing. While most businesses focus on quantity, others focus on the quality of the content.

Why Are Blog Posts Important for Your Website? 

There are several reasons blog posts are important for your business. One is that it helps your customers and search engines find your website. Another reason is that blog posts help your customers find relevant information about your business. 

Blog Posts Help Your Customers Find Information about Your Business

Most website owners add a blog section to their site to provide the necessary information. When your customers need more information about your services or products, they can easily click one of your blogs and read it. The more informative content you have on your blog section, the more you will satisfy your customers. 

You can create a blog post that explains how to use one of your products or get the best services you offer. Also, you can create educational posts informing your audience about the latest update available. This way, website owners will keep their customers up-to-date with the latest information.

Blog Posts Help Search Engines Find Your Website

Another advantage of adding blog posts to your site is that you will make it easier for search engines to find them. This works in two ways. A blog post helps by informing search engines that your website is regularly updated with fresh content being added. This will signal to search engines that the site should be crawled regularly. And when search engine bots crawl your website, they will add more pages to their index. One more indexable page means one opportunity to rank for organic keywords and your visitors to come across your website. 

There are ‘zillions’ of sites on the internet, and most of those websites have to compete for the same space on the search engine result page. This means that your business website must compete with other businesses. Businesses don’t compete physically, but by using keywords that search engines will rank them for. The keywords for your business home page and service pages might be competitive. But when you add more blog posts to your website, you can target less competitive long-tail keywords. And this means that the various blog posts will be ranked by search engines, thereby directing traffic to your website’s homepage or landing page.

Add blog posts to your website

How Often Should You Add Blog Posts?

While most business owners can add at least one blog post a day, others will add two or three blog posts per week. What works for your website might not work for others. Remember that your content must be related to your business when you write blog posts. Also, you can target long-tail keywords by addressing questions your customers are asking about your services. If your business is broad and you have many keywords to cover, you can add as many as 10 – 16 blog posts per month. 

Most website owners have added more than that and have witnessed positive results, while others have not. You should ensure that your posts are informative so that your customers will stay on your website and even return to do business with you. Writing meaningful blog pages can mean writing a few per month. But if your business can hire content writing services to create informative content, you can add as much as possible. Remember, the more blog posts you add, the more index pages you get. And this will greatly help your website ranking.


How often should you post a blog on your website? You can add as many as 10 – 16 blog posts to your website per month. Most website owners have added a few contents and performed better, while some have added lots of pages and performed well. So, if you can add a few blog posts that contain informative content, go ahead. But if you can hire a content writing service to create blog posts, you can add lots of posts per month. Remember that the more pages you add, the more visibility your website gets.

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