how you can build a remote team of developers

What to Consider When Hiring Remote Web Developers

Are you planning a web or software development project, but don’t have the right team of developers to handle the task? You have to build a remote dev team. 

Or, are you an organization that needs a tech team but doesn’t want to set up an in-house team of developers? 

Building a remote team of nearshore or offshore developers is easy, thanks to the increased use of technology that aids communication between team members and stakeholders. 

Yes, you can build a remote dev team for your organization or business. But you must do it correctly to ensure you get the best skills. Continue reading this article to find out how you can build a remote dev team. 

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What Is a Remote Dev Team?

A remote dev team is a team of web or software developers who are always ready to assist with your web development project. This team may or may not be located in your country. 

Remote dev team members are often located in a nearby country or, in most cases, a faraway country. 

While hiring onshore remote and nearshore teams is the best option, especially for organizations that want their team to work with them in real time, some businesses prefer offshore developers. 

It doesn’t matter if you hire onshore, nearshore or offshore developers; you have to set up your remote team to ensure efficiency. 

How to Build a Remote Dev Team

Consider Communication 

Communication is one of the most important things to consider when setting up your remote dev team. 

Communication is vital if you want to scope your software or web development project successfully. That is why you should ensure you hire a team that understands your business language. 

Communication goes beyond understanding a language; it includes how fast the team responds to a request. Quick communication is essential in web or software development to get the project done quickly. 

Your team should be able to communicate with you in real time to prevent a delay when you send emails or messages to them via chats. 

Fast communication means rapid web development, so you should remember when setting up your remote dev team. 

Use Remote Communication and Project Management Tools

We have discussed communication in the previous heading, but how do you ensure fast communication? To do that, you have to use remote communication tools. Tools like Zoom or Google Meet can help you stay in touch with your team when working on a project.

Aside from that, it would help if you had project management tools to ensure the development project is up to standard. Tools like Trello and Slack can help you manage your project. 

  • Google meet. Google Meet is a crucial tool organizations can use to communicate with their remote team. Aside from being free, you can set up a live meeting with your remote dev team, wherever they are, and collaborate on a project anytime you want. 
  • Zoom. Zoom is a popular video-conferencing tool for collaborating with your remote team. The paid version allows up to 10,000 participants, making it one of the best choices for live team meetings and video seminars. 
  • Trello. Trello is a project management tool for managing remote dev teams. It allows organizations to create boards for various projects and use the list to manage tasks. Also, you can add descriptions, assign cards to team members, and collaborate on the project via comments. 
  • Slack. This is another communication software designed to aid remote or hybrid work. You can create various channels and dedicated spaces where your team can collaborate and communicate with each other. 
  • Google Drive. Google Drive is another essential tool a remote dev team can use when writing the scope of a project. It is also essential for writers. Developers can use Drive to share and store documents on the cloud without worrying about backup and physical storage. 

Consider the Time Zone Difference

Time zone matters when setting up your remote team. It is best to work with a team of developers in the same or a similar time zone as yours. 

When choosing a team, the maximum time difference should be less than three hours. If you are in the same time zone as your remote team, collaborating on a project will be easy and happen in real-time. 

This means you don’t have to send a message and wait till the next day to receive an answer because your team is sleeping. That is why the best option for an organization is to hire nearshore developers. 

How We Can Help

Websavis makes it easy for businesses and organizations to find the best skills for their development project. Our matching system will connect you with the right software developer to work on your project. And if you want to build a team to work with your organization, we can help you build a dev squad of nearshore developers who are always ready to collaborate in real-time. 

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