How to Build a Remote Team of SEO Experts

How to Build a Remote Team of SEO Experts

Remote work is here to stay! More and more organizations are reaping abundantly from the remote talent pool, and so should yours. If you haven’t, you need to move your business online. And one way to do that is by building a website. But building a website alone is not enough to get you more customers. You have to hire SEO experts to help you optimize your website and increase your organic traffic. This article discusses how you can build a remote team of SEO experts to optimize your website. 

What Is an SEO Expert?

An SEO expert is someone that creates, implements and analyzes on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies to help a website rank higher on the search engine result page. The expert will audit websites, develop strategies, run tests and create an SEO plan to increase your site’s organic traffic. 

Aside from increasing your website’s organic traffic, an SEO expert will ensure that your web pages appear for relevant search terms and drive the right organic visitors to increase the ROI of your business. 

How to Build a Remote Team of SEO Experts

What Are the Responsibility of an SEO Expert?

The responsibility of an SEO expert ranges from content planning and keyword research to on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

  • Content planning and keyword research. Content planning is the process of developing a strategy on which content to publish and when. A content plan helps businesses to overcome the challenges they face with their content marketing strategy. It ensures your content is unique and relevant and targets the right audiences. Keyword research comes after planning your content and determining who your audiences are. Researching keywords is finding relevant search queries your audiences are typing on the internet. Those search queries must be related to your business. 
  • On-page SEO. This is the process of optimizing every web page on your site. It includes checking titles, headings, meta descriptions, Alt texts, etc., and ensuring that they are relevant to your content and contain keywords. 
  • Off-page SEO. The SEO expert will build your website’s reputation by promoting it on social media platforms and other relevant high-authority websites. 
  • Technical SEO. This task involves optimizing the technical aspect of your website. The SEO expert will work on your website speed and ensure that it loads faster. Also, the expert will check for broken links and fix them. Technical SEO also means ensuring that the robot.txt file of your site is set correctly. Also, it involves checking that canonical is set correctly and reducing image file size to enable your site to load fast.

Now that you know what an SEO expert is and the job responsibility let’s consider how you can set up your remote team for SEO. 

Building Your Remote Team

To build your remote team for SEO, you must determine the type of outsourcing you want, ensure your team communicates and collaborates effectively, and provide the relevant tool for your team. 

  1. Determine Your Remote Team Structure

Types of Remote Outsourcing

There are three types of remote outsourcing businesses can use to build their team on-shoring, off-shoring and nearshoring. 

On-shoring – This is the process of hiring a remote team from the talent pool in the country of your business. For example, a business in Canada builds a remote team of web developers, SEO experts and content writers from a talent pool in Canada. If you decide to go with on-shoring, you will hire an SEO expert from your country. But the downside is that it can be quite expensive for new businesses to hire from the same country with the same cost of living. 

Off-shoring – Businesses hire experts from a country or time zone that is different from theirs. For example, a business in Canada will hire a team from a country in Eastern Europe. If you choose off-shoring, you will hire SEO experts from a country in a time zone that is different from yours. The country is usually far away, making it difficult for you to collaborate with your team in real time. 

Nearshoring – If you choose nearshoring, you will hire SEO experts from a country in a similar time zone and with similar work culture. For example, a business in Canada will hire a nearshore team from Mexico since they belong to the same time zone. Nearshoring is the best because it allows businesses to save costs and hire the best talent since they share similar work culture. 

  1. Ensure Your Team Communicate and Collaborate

You must ensure that your SEO team communicate and collaborate on projects regularly to get tasks done efficiently. This means setting aside time for team meetings to ensure they know what is expected and how to complete tasks. Also, you must onboard your team and get them acquainted with your organization’s work culture. 

  1. Use the Right Tech Tools

An SEO team need tech tools or software like SEMrush or Ahref to work efficiently. Also, your team must have access to Google Search Console and Analytics to optimize your website. Other important tools to facilitate remote working are project management tools like Trello and video conferencing tools like Zoom or Meet. 

Are you planning to hire a remote SEO expert to help optimize your website? At Websavis, we help businesses build their team by giving them access to all the talent they need to run their business website. You can find web developers, SEO experts, content writers, digital marketers and business advisers from our ecosystem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an SEO Specialist?

An SEO specialist develops the right strategy to optimize your website and increase organic traffic. The expert is also responsible for on-page, off-page and technical SEO of your website. 

How to Build a Remote Team of SEO Experts

To build a remote team for SEO, you should consider your outsourcing model, ensures communication and collaboration and provide the right tools for your team.

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