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How to Do SEO for My Online Store

Building an online store is one way to make money and increase your revenue. But for your online store to make money for you, it must be visible to your customers. It means that your website must appear on the search engine result page for your customers to buy from you. This is the hard part. There are millions of online stores on the internet, and each is competing for the online space. If your e-commerce website must receive its fair share of online traffic, you need to do SEO. Search engine optimization is one way to boost your website’s organic ranking and increase your revenue. But doing SEO is not an easy task. This is because when you are optimizing your online store, you have to do it right. This article discusses how to do SEO for an online store. 

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What Does It Mean to Do SEO?

Doing SEO means taking steps to optimize your website to increase its organic ranking and boost revenue. SEO means search engine optimization, and it is the process of making your website search engine friendly while staying user-friendly. For your website to be search engine friendly, you have to ensure that you optimize the content on its web pages. Also, you have to build trust by getting other websites to link to it. 

For your website to be user-friendly, you must ensure that it loads quickly and contains the right information your users are seeking. Doing SEO is not an easy task, not at least for those with little skills. That is why most business owners will hire an SEO company to optimize their website. If you are contemplating optimizing your online store, it will help if you hire an SEO company for the task. But if you have SEO skills and the time to work on your online store, you can optimize your website. 

What Does It Mean to Optimize an Online Store?

To optimize an online store means to increase the organic ranking of the website. But that is not all. Optimizing your online store means that you ensure that it abides by search engine guidelines. Search engines value good content and a fast-loading website. This means that if you want your online store to be fully optimized, you must write a good product description. And you should ensure that the product description contains keywords related to what your customers are searching for. Writing good product descriptions is not the only thing you need to do SEO. 

You must ensure that you optimize the content on your online store by adding the right title and headings to help search engine bots understand it. Aside from that, you must ensure that you add the right ALT text to your product images to help search engines index them. Also, adding a meta description to all your product pages is another way you can do SEO for your online store. You should optimize all the pages on your website if you want search engines to index and rank them.  

How to Do SEO for Your E-Commerce Website

Now that you know what it means to optimize an online store, let us explain the steps. 

Step One – Optimize Your Content

How to Do SEO for My Online Store

Optimizing your content is the first thing to do if you discover that your website receives little to no organic traffic. This means writing conversion-generating products description. To write your product description, you need SEO copywriting skills. Do research by searching for keywords related to the products you are describing. And incorporate the keywords in your copy. If you sell different products on your online store, you have to research each product to get the right keywords. 

After writing your content, it is time to add the right title, meta description, headings, and ALT text to the image. The title of your product page should reflect the product you are describing. Also, adding a meta description will help your customers click on your product page if they find it relevant. Every product page needs a beautiful image that describes the product you are selling. But Google can not read images, so you have to add alt text to them. With an ALT text, Google will index your product images, so add the right keywords to it.  

Step Two – Increase Your Website Loading Speed

The loading speed of your online store matters. You must ensure that you reduce the size (kilobyte) of the images you put on your website to make them load faster. Aside from that, it is crucial to reduce using JavaScript on your website if you want to load quickly. 


Doing SEO for an online store is not an easy task. You must optimize your content by adding the right keywords and writing a great product copy. Also, you must increase your website loading speed and reduce the number of JavaScript files.

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