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How to Find and Hire a Copywriter

Are you looking for a copywriter to create a conversion-generating copy for your business? The role of a copywriter in promoting your business cannot be ignored. Copywriters are an indispensable part of every marketing team, promoting your products or services to customers that are ready to buy. But how do you find the right copywriter? This article provides a guide on how to find and hire a copywriter.

What Is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a marketing team member who creates content to generate sales. The copywriter is responsible for writing advertising and marketing materials on several platforms like emails, websites, social media, and videos. 

Copywriters understand the business they work for and can use the knowledge to create informative copy that drives brand awareness and encourages sales. When hiring a copywriter, you should ensure that the expert has the right skills and abilities to be successful. 

This article will consider the technical and soft skills of a copywriter you should watch out for. 

What Are the Skills of a Copywriter?

The skills of a copywriter range from reading comprehension to logical thinking, error checking, office suite, and persuasive writing. Let’s consider them one after the other. 

  • Reading comprehension. Copywriters must be able to read and understand to create great copy that drives sales. The writer must be able to digest large text and rewrite it so your customers will take action after reading. 
  • SEO. Copywriters should know about SEO. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the art of optimizing content with keywords to attract the right audience. If you want the right audience to read your content, hire a copywriter with SEO knowledge.
  • Writing ability. There is no gainsaying that a copywriter must be able to write. The writer should be able to create well-written copy that suits the right audience. Also, the writer must be able to write logical copy. 
  • Proofreading and editing. Proofreading is part of the skills of a copywriter. After writing the sale text, the writer must be able to proofread to identify errors and fix them. 
  • Logical thinking. A copywriter should be able to think critically and logically when writing. Also, the writer should be able to use logic to solve problems and create a copy in a way that the readers will enjoy. 
  • Office suite. The ability to use the various Microsoft Office applications is part of the skills of a copywriter. If your organization uses Google workspace, you should ensure that the writer knows how to use tools like Google Docs, Drive, and Sheets. 
    How to Find and Hire a Copywriter

    Copywriters Soft Skills

    Aside from looking for technical skills, you must assess the copywriter based on soft skills. Here are some examples of the soft skills of a copywriter. 

    • Time management. The ability to manage time is one essential skill to watch out for when hiring a copywriter. Time management means the writer can complete tasks before the deadline.
    • Problem-solving skills. Issues do arise when handling a project. That is why you should hire a copywriter with problem-solving skills.
    • Communication skills. Communication is essential when hiring a copywriter. This will make it easy for you to collaborate with the writer to complete tasks. 

    How to Hire an Expert Copywriter for My Business

    To hire a copywriter, you should follow these steps

    1. Write Out Your Project Requirements

    What do you want the copywriter to do? Do you want the writer to write a product description? Or do you want a copywriter to write your landing page? You have to write out your project requirements and list all the tasks that must be done. This will help you plan your budget.

    1. Choose a Copywriting Company

    After writing your project requirements, you must look for a copywriting company. If you want to hire a copywriter, you can get one at Websavis. At Websavis, we have many copywriters we can assign to write your sales copy. 

    1. Screen the Copywriter

    After choosing a copywriting company, you have to screen the writer. Prepare some questions and give them a writing task in the form of a test. If you hire copywriters from Websavis, there is no need to worry because our writers are pre-vetted and have the right skills and experience. 

    1. Hire

    When you are certain that you have gotten the right copywriter, you can proceed to hire. 


    Hiring a copywriter is easy if you know your project requirements and plan. Do you want to hire a copywriter? Feel free to contact Websavis, and we will match the right writer with you. 

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