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How to Hire a Laravel Developer

To build a modern web application, you must use the proper framework. But that is not all. You need the right web developer to handle the task. Laravel is a robust PHP framework for developing e-commerce and CMS sites and building large-scale and small enterprise web applications. To complete your Laravel development project, you need to hire the right Laravel developer. What is a Laravel developer? Find what you need in this article to hire the right Laravel developer.

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What Is a Laravel Developer?  

Laravel developers are software engineers that develop web applications using the Laravel framework. They help their clients to build and maintain modern web applications using standard software development tools. Examples of web applications Laravel experts develop are e-commerce websites, cloud base applications, and large and small enterprise websites.

Aside from coding web applications, Laravel developers can build and maintain databases, debug and resolve technical issues and perform backend and user interface (UI) tests to optimise the functionalities of an application. Let us dive into Laravel and what you can do with it.

What Is Laravel? 

Laravel is a web app framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It is an open-source PHP framework that makes it easy to do tasks like authentication, sessions, routing and caching when making a web application. Laravel makes it easy for developers to quickly build robust and dynamic web apps with less code as a framework. 

Features of Laravel 

Pre-built Authentication and Authorisation

Laravel provides scaffolding for secure, session-based authentication. Using a single code, developers can adjust the registration process, set and reset passwords and control user access. Also, Laravel’s authentication won’t allow unauthorised users to gain access to data provided by your clients. 

Database Management

Laravel’s object-relational mapper (Eloquent) provides standard database abstraction without headaches. Laravel’s Eloquent pairs with PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL and SQL servers, so developers can connect to the database, query and update their data without a sweat.

Artisan CLI

Artisan is a command line interface (CLI) in Laravel that provides several helpful commands for developing your web application. With artisan, Laravel developers can quickly migrate data, create models, databases, and controllers and build the other parts of the website. Also, developers can easily create MVC files and write their commands if they want to adjust the development process to their needs. 

Virtual Development and Automated Testing

Laravel ships with all the tools developers need to build an application without requiring them to install PHP, a web server like Apache or any other software on your machine. Also, Laravel helps developers to speed up the testing process by providing automatic testing tools. 

What Is the Job of a Laravel Developer?

Laravel developers perform various functions that need different skills. 

Develop and Maintain Web Applications

How to Hire a Laravel Developer

Using the Laravel framework, they build various applications for businesses or clients. Examples of web applications Laravel developers build are static and dynamic websites, single-page and multipage sites, portal websites, etc. 

Aside from coding websites, Laravel developers use their skills to maintain old web applications and are involved in checking and fixing security issues. Also, Laravel developers fix bugs and update the web application to meet the users’ expectations. 

Design Database

If your business requires that your customers create an account with you, you need a database to store all the information. Laravel developers design, build and maintain databases for their clients. 

Write Code

Writing code is part of web application development. While Laravel makes it easy for developers to build a web application with pre-designed modules, they will supplement it with code. The Laravel developers will use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build the web application’s front-end. 

Debug Code

Debugging and fixing code is part of the everyday job of a Laravel developer. If the code has errors, the Laravel developer must find and fix the bug to ensure the application runs smoothly and create a good user experience. 

Map Out the Architecture and Perform UI Test

Laravel developers will design the web application’s architecture before and during development. After that, they will conduct user interface tests to ensure that the web application meets the design standard. Laravel developers conduct UI tests when designing a new or redesigning an old application. While it is possible to do UI tests using tools like Katalon and TestCraft, performing manual tests is a common practice. 

Write Documentation

Documentation is crucial when handing over a web application to the client. Laravel developers will guide their clients on installing, using, and navigating the application. Aside from that, they also write documentation to help other developers work with their applications. 

Skills to look for when hiring a Laravel developer

Web design and development, database creation and management, web security and PHP are some of Laravel developer skills. When hiring a Laravel developer, you should look out for these skills. 

Web Design and Development Skills

Web design and development skills are things to consider when hiring a Laravel developer. The developer you hire should at least understand the principle of a good web design. It is crucial if you want a mobile responsive, visually appealing and easy-to-navigate web design. 

Aside from that, a Laravel developer should have web development skills and must know how to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The developer will use HTML code to structure and CSS to style the application. With JavaScript, a Laravel developer can add functionalities to a website to create a good user experience. 

PHP Skills

PHP is another skill to look for when hiring a Laravel developer. Understanding PHP is essential because Laravel is a backend PHP-based framework. Aside from that, the Laravel expert you hire should know how to work with various PHP versions because many projects run on older versions. 

Database Management

When looking to hire Laravel developers, you should consider their database management skills. Since most enterprise web applications need a database system to store their customers’ information, Laravel developers must be able to build and manage your database. The developers must understand database systems like Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle. 

Project Management Skills

Another skill to look for when you hire a Laravel developer is project management skills. With these skills, the Laravel developer will understand the entire web application development project from planning to completion. Also, the skills will help developers to manage their workload and work toward a shared goal with your team. 

Web Application Security

Website security is another skill you should consider when you hire a Laravel developer. Web application security is crucial if you want to secure your website from hackers. So, the developer you hire should know how to design your web app to prevent SQL Injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks and malware attacks. 


A Laravel developer is a programmer that uses the Laravel framework to build robust web applications. Laravel simplifies the web development process by making it easy to build a dynamic website without writing much code. When looking for Laravel developers for hire, you should consider web development, database management and web security skills. 

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