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How to Hire a Web Developer for Your Website Project

Finding the perfect web developer is not easy. Most business owners have hired and re-hired web developers to build their websites before getting the right ones. The internet is filled with freelance web developers that advertise themselves as skilled website builders, but when you hire them, you will discern that their skills are limited. Depending on the website you want to build, you can still find the perfect web developer for your website project. This post provides tips for business owners who plan to build a website on how to hire a web developer for their website project. It highlights the skills of a web developer and why you should hire based on skills and not cheap services. 

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Who Is a Web Developer?

A web developer is someone that helps to build a website for your business. This person knows how to convert a design layout into a functional website using code or CMS platforms. Web developers must have the right skills and experience to make a website. While most web developers have a degree in computer science, others switch into web development from other disciplines and learn how to code. Every developer must know at least HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to succeed in web development. 

While some website developers are skilled in programming using Python or Java, others use backend languages like PHP and MySQL. So to successfully hire a web developer, you have to consider the skills. Most web developers work with a web design company, while others go it alone as freelancers. Depending on your funds, you can hire a freelance website developer for your project, or you can hire a website development company to build your website. 

Where Can I Find Web Developers to Hire? 

There are several ways of finding web developers to hire for your website project. You can ask a friend for a referral if that friend has a beautiful website. Or, you can explore the internet for a web design company or freelance website developers. While hiring freelance web developers might favor business owners looking for cheap website development services, hiring a web development company has its advantages. 

Most freelance web developers will code your website for you when you contract the project to them. Some will even do the task for a lower price, enabling business website owners to save money. Hiring a web design company means you will get SEO and content that are perfect for your business. Freelancers will code only and may not care about your SEO (even if they know what it is) and content.  

Finding the Perfect Web Developer

Consider the skills

The skills of the website developer matter if you want your project to be completed. Most web developers have limited skills. If you plan to make a simple website for your business, then you can hire a developer that will help you set up a simple e-commerce store. But if your organization requires a website with lots of complicated widgets, you should find a developer with lots of skills. 

One skill you should not ignore when hiring a web developer is JavaScript. You will need JavaScript a lot when making your website. So, the website developer you hire must code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Those skills can help a developer to make a website. And if you want your developer to use a CMS platform to make the site, the developer must be able to use WordPress perfectly. 

Hire a Web Developer

Other Skills to Help You Find the Perfect Web Developer

Content Development 

While a web developer doesn’t need to know how to write content, it would help if your developer could develop content for your site. Content is crucial for every website. Your online visitors will have nothing to interact with if you don’t add content to the site. The content a website need includes images, text, videos, and infographics. So, if your web developer knows the kind of content your website needs, it would help a lot. 

SEO Services

SEO services are not an optional skill for a web developer. Since every website needs SEO, the perfect web developer must optimize your website when and after coding it. 


How to hire a web developer for your website project is easy if you follow the advice in this post. You should consider the skills and experience of the developer over cheap services. 

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