How to Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic Using Keywords 

How to Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic Using Keywords 

There are two ways of getting traffic on the internet. The first one is by paying search engines to run ads for your business website. Running ads on search engines will target users that are searching for your products online, but you have to pay for the clicks. If you are a new business website owner, you may not have enough budget to spend thousands of dollars on ads per month. This is where you use the second option. The second way of getting traffic on the internet is to depend on organic traffic. Organic traffic is free, but not easy to get. It is the best option for a new business website. This article discusses how to increase your website’s organic traffic using keywords.   

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What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is a click on your website that you don’t pay for. Unlike paid traffic, which requires running ads on search engines, organic traffic is cost-free. This means that when someone clicks on your website, you won’t pay search engines for the click. Also, unlike paid traffic that works quickly, organic traffic doesn’t come by chance. Business website owners must work hard to increase their traffic by doing SEO. The reason for this is simple. There are thousands of business websites online, and each is competing for the same space as you. So, for you to gain free clicks online, you must first do SEO.  

What Is SEO?

Now to the big question, what is SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing your content so that it will be user-friendly and search engine friendly. What this means is that you must make your content useful for your readings while following search engine guidelines. Search engine bots must find the content of your website useful before it will display it on the SERP. So, if you plan to get organic traffic, you have to optimize your content by adding the right keywords. We must acknowledge that this is not an easy task. For you to get the right keywords, you must do keyword research and plan your content.  

What Is Keywords Research?

Keywords research is the process of finding the right keywords to drive traffic to your website. Keywords are what your audiences are searching for online when they browse the internet. A keyword can be in the form of a question or an inquiry on how to do something. Getting keywords to use in your content is not enough; you must choose long-tail keywords with low difficulties. This process requires skills and time; that is why this article comes in handy to guide you. 

Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic Using Keywords 

Choosing the Right Keywords, How to…

Step One – Research Your Business 

The keywords you select must be related to your business if you want your customers to engage with it. So, you have to examine your business to get the right ones. You can do this alone; you will need the help of SEO software. There are lots of SEO software that you can use to research keywords. Semrush and Ahref are the two most popular keyword research tools you can use. 

With SEMrush, you can easily type your business and review all the suggestions returned, but you must first subscribe to their services. Type your business in the top input field if you are using SEMrush. For example, if you are selling artificial grass, type “artificial grass” and review all the suggestions shown. You will notice that it returns words and phrases that your customers are searching for online. Then, you can further research those phrases.  

Step Two – Research the Keywords

Now that you have a hint on the keywords related to your business, you must do further research. Note that the business you do can be a keyword itself. For example, artificial grass can be a keyword. But to get high-performance keywords, you have to go for long-tail ones. An example of a long-tail keyword related to artificial grass is “artificial grass price. ” Another example is “artificial grass price per square foot.” And if you want keywords on installation, you will find “How much to install artificial grass” and “artificial grass installation cost” as useful keywords. 

Step Three – Use Those Keywords in Your Content 

Now that you have gotten keywords related to your business, you can use them in your content. If you want to draw customers looking to buy artificial grass, for example, you can write on “artificial grass price per square foot.” Ensure that you add the keyword to your title and in the content. To avoid stuffing the keyword, you can use other words like synthetic turf price in the headings. Note that this advice given is not limited to artificial grass only. If you have a baking store, you can follow the same process above to get the right keywords to use in your content.  


How to increase your organic traffic using keywords. To increase your website’s organic traffic, you have to do keyword research and use those keywords in your content. 

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