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How to Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic with Blog Posts

So you want more traffic for your website without spending a dime. Getting organic traffic is one way to increase your online presence and reach more readers or customers. But how do you get to increase your website’s organic traffic? There are several ways business owners can increase the number of clicks on their website. Adding a blog page to the website is one way. Another way is to hire a content writing service to create more blog posts with relevant long-tail keywords. Sending emails to your subscribers when you write more content on your website is another way to increase your website traffic. This post outlines in detail how you can increase your website’s organic traffic with blog posts. 

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What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is web traffic or clicks that you don’t pay for. You get this click naturally when your website or web pages rank on the search engine result page. But ranking on the search engine result page is not easy, not at least for competitive keywords. This makes business websites compete to remain visible on the SERP. So, if you want to get free traffic for your website, you have to join the competition. And one way business website owners can do that is to write blog posts. Now that you know what natural traffic is, let’s look at why writing blog posts is important. 

What Is a Blog Post, and Why Is It Important?

Blog posts are pages on your website that provide information to your visitors or clients about your services. Businesses create blog posts to let their clients know how to use their products, find the latest updates, or test a product or service. Blog posts also provide information about specific problems your clients might be facing and how to solve them. The aim of creating or writing blog posts is to assist or help your visitors in a way they can’t resist. That is why, when writing a blog, you should think about your audience and the impact it will have on them. 

Blog posts are indispensable because it keeps your visitors coming back to your website for more information. Also, it helps you attract new visitors seeking information. When you update your website regularly with more blog posts, search engines will notice it and view your site as important. Also, blog posts help you get more website traffic. This is because a single blog post can rank for more than ten long-tail key phrases. And this means more traffic and clicks. Now that you know what a blog post is, and its importance, let’s consider how to write one. 

How to Write a Blog Post

Composing a blog is easy if you know how to go about it. The process starts with planning your content, doing keyword research, and writing the post. 

Increase Your Website Organic Traffic by writing Blog Posts

Planning Your Content

To write a good blog post, you have to plan your content. What information do you intend to pass to your audience? What is the goal of creating the blog post? When you plan your content, you will ensure that your post sticks to the point and contain valuable information. Also, you will be able to identify a content gap and cover areas you have little content. Make a listing of keywords and key phrases your audiences are searching for and target them when you write your content. 

Do Keywords Research

A keyword analysis is crucial if you want to write content that drives traffic to your website. Keywords are search queries website users are searching for when they browse the Internet. You can easily grow your website’s organic traffic when you target a keyword that has low competition and high search volume. But how do you attain the appropriate keywords to use? You have to use keyword research software or tools for the task. The tool will break down a keyword and give you several key phrases you can use. Ranking for a single keyword can be difficult, but if you target various key phrases related to that keyword, you can drive traffic to your website. 

Write Your Blog Post

Note that for your blog to make sense to your visitors, it must contain the information your audience is seeking. For search engines to notice your post, you have to add keywords or phrases to your blog post. When writing, do not stuff your post with keywords, all in the name of ranking. Let it flow naturally. Add the keywords in the right place so that they flow with your content. 


To increase your website’s organic traffic with blog posts, you have to plan your content, use the right keywords or phrases and write the post. And also, you have to

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