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How to Sell More Products with an E-commerce Website

There are several ways business owners can sell more products. One way is by advertising your products on the radio or TV. Radio and TV ads are expensive, making most business owners shun them. Another way to sell more products is by building an e-commerce website. With an e-commerce website, you can reach more customers cheaply. But to get an e-commerce website, you have to hire a web design company to create one for you. Another way to get an e-commerce website is by building it yourself. This article assumes that you have web development skills and discusses how to sell more products with an e-commerce website. 

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What Is an E-commerce Website?

If you have done online shopping, you should understand an e-commerce website better. An e-commerce website is an online store that enables business owners to list their products. With an e-commerce store, business owners can sell their products to customers far away without having to meet them physically. This means that your customers can complete the process of ordering and pay for what they want without physically interacting with you. 

What Are the Benefits of an E-commerce website? 

Business owners can derive many benefits when they build an e-commerce website for their business. One obvious benefit is the convenience it offers to your customers when they shop your products. Unlike a physical store, your customers don’t have to queue when they order your products. Several customers can place orders simultaneously, and your website will process all the payments without delay. 

Another benefit of an e-commerce store is that you can reach customers, not your location. Are you selling things that are used worldwide? If your customers are far away from you, they can access your store online. Aside from that, thousands if not millions of customers search for things to buy online. If your website has a good SEO, you can reach those and make more money. 

How to Sell More Products with an E-commerce Website

Making an E-commerce Website, How to

Making an e-commerce website is something you should do if you have web development experience. But if you don’t know how to make a website, you should hire a web design company, and their developers will assist you. But if you have web development skills and can use a content management solution like WordPress, you should follow the steps in this write-up. 

Step One – Get a Domain and Hosting

The first thing to do when making an e-commerce website is to get a domain and website hosting. A domain name will enable your website to be found when your customers search for it. Also, web hosting will put your website on a live server. Remember to select a domain name that is not too long so that your customers will remember it when they want to return to your website. Now that you have a domain name and hosting let’s move to the next step. 

Step Two – Install WordPress

You should be able to access your c-panel after paying for hosting. On the c-panel, search for install WordPress and click install. You have to set your username and password to edit your website. After installing WordPress and setting the username, you should log in to your website. You will notice that the website has not taken shape, so you have to install a new theme. One of the best themes to use on WordPress is Astra. 

You can customize your header and footer with this theme. After installing Astra, you need to set up the homepage and blog page. Then, you should go to the plugin and add a new one. Click on add new to install WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an online commerce platform that works with WordPress to enable business owners to list their products. After installing WooCommerce, you can set your details. 

Step Three – Install a Payment Gateway

You need to process payments on your website. So, to do that, you have to install a payment gateway. There are lots of them, so you can select any you want. With your payment gateway ready, you can start listing your products. Look for products and click on add new to list a product. You should set the title and the heading correctly to reflect your product. After that, you should write a description of the products so that your customers will know what they are buying. 


To sell more products online, you need an e-commerce website. With WooCommerce, you can set up a store, list your products and sell more to your customers. 

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