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How Will an SEO Company Optimize My Website?

Every business owner wants their website to rank number one on the SERP. But sadly, not all small business websites will make it to the top result. Most websites will “die off” after launching and not even receive an impression. Other business owners will promote their website through ads and ignore the thousands of traffic that can come through good SEO services. Business owners that are conscious of their website search appearance and health will quickly contact an SEO expert. An SEO company works as a doctor and will check the website for problems and write prescriptions for the site owners. So, how will an SEO company optimize my website? 

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What Is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? 

All business owners want their small business website to reach number one within a few days. But they will be disappointed when, after waiting for some months, the website will not appear on organic search. Then the website owner will ask around until someone finally introduces SEO. And then, the search for more information about search engine optimization begins, with some being told lies. 

Most website owners see SEO as some magical art performed by people who know more about the website. Others think SEO is a “money thing” and that they can hand over cash to a specialist, and in a few days, the website will outrank others and appear on the first page. But none of those creates the right impression of what SEO is. If you wonder what the S in SEO means, relax as we walk you through what the acronym stands for. “S” stands for “Search,” while “E” stands for “Engine,” and “O” stands for “Optimization.” 

SEO in full means search engine optimization, which is the art of making a website better to receive its fair share of organic traffic. Doing SEO for a website means making the site adhere to all the guidelines set by the search engine. And the thing about SEO is that there are many guidelines developed by search engines that every business website must follow. Search engine optimization is a result-driven process that takes months to complete if you want the best result. 

How SEO Companies Optimize Website

To optimize a website, the SEO company must check the site’s health. Note that SEO companies have a team of specialists called SEO specialists who work with them. When you select an SEO company to work on your website, they will give the task to their SEO team. You can trust the team because they have the right expertise to do the necessary optimization that your website needs. Most web design companies are also SEO companies. They go beyond designing and developing a website to maintain and optimize the site systematically.

 By systematically, we mean doing the task one at a time and watching for results. Since SEO is a result-driven task, it is crucial to take it one at a time while watching for results. But how does an SEO company optimizes a site? Just like a doctor will ask a patient to do a medical test before writing a prescription, an SEO company will run a website audit to know what is wrong with your site. 

Website Audit

BEFORE WRITING AN OPTIMIZATION PLAN, an SEO agency’s first step is to check for issues. Scanning a website to detect areas for improvement is called a website audit. Professionally, a website audit is defined as an extensive analysis of all the factors that affect a site’s visibility. The audit or examination conducted on the site will provide a complete understanding of the technical and content issues. After auditing your website, the search engine optimization agency will show you the score. The range of a website audit score is from 1 to 100. Good site health should be above 80. If your website audit score is below 80, there is a need to improve. Luckily, the website audit will show you where you have to improve the site. 

Content Optimization

After running an audit of your site, the next thing is to start working on it. Most website owners don’t take the content of their site seriously. That is why there is always a content gap. Your SEO company will create a content plan when an audit detects a content gap. Keyword research is the basis of content planning. It involves searching for high-performing keywords and writing your content around those keywords. Note that your SEO specialist’s keywords will be related to your business. They will not be too competitive and have a good monthly search volume.

Technical SEO

How Will an SEO Company Optimize My Website?

One of the most difficult parts of SEO is the technical aspect. This is where most website owners get it wrong. Most of them are not aware that technical SEO exists. Even those aware consider technical SEO as title and meta tag optimization only. Your SEO agency will check if your website redirects appropriately due to its technical search engine optimization. Aside from that, the agency will check for duplicate content and poor internal linking. Also, the agency or experts will check if your website is crawlable, indexable and if the site loads fast. 

Backlink Outreach

Backlinks are crucial for your site if search engines will rank it higher than its competitors. Your website backlink is the total number of external URLs pointing to it. The SEO agency you hire will help you get backlinks from high-authority websites. All these SEO strategies must be done to increase your site’s domain authority or domain rating. The higher your website’s domain rating, the higher it ranks on search engines. 


How will an SEO company optimize my website? To optimize your website, the SEO agency you hire will do a site audit to detect issues. After an audit, content optimization, on-page SEO, and technical SEO will follow. 

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