I Can’t Find My Website on the Internet?

Now, that is a problem most business website owners must face at one point after developing their site. If you can’t find your website when you type search queries related to your business, relax because there is a solution. The solution is that your website needs SEO services to gain visibility on the internet. Business owners can hire an SEO company to help them optimize their websites. Or, they can do SEO services themselves if they have the skills. This article explains why you can’t find your website on the internet when you type keywords related to your business, and what you can do to solve the issue.  

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Why Is My Website Not Showing when I Type Related Keywords?

There are several reasons your website will not receive impressions when you type keywords you use on the web pages. One reason is that search engines find it hard to crawl and index your website. Another reason is that you use the wrong keywords on your web pages. Poor on-page SEO can be another reason your website is not showing on the internet. Aside from that, the domain authority of your website matters. 

If a business website has a low domain authority, it will not rank number one. That is another reason most websites will not show on the internet. The age of your website also matters. If a business website is new, it might take time for search engines to index and rank the web pages. This is another reason most websites will not appear when search terms related to them are typed. 

How Can I Make My Website Appear on the Internet?

If you discover that your website is not showing on the search engine result page, you can take steps to solve the problem. One way you can do that is by hiring an SEO company to help you optimize your website. Note that hiring an SEO company is not cheap. You should avoid cheap SEO services offered by SEO specialists that charge $50 to optimize your website. Cheap SEO services will eventually lead to search engine penalties. 

When you hire an SEO company, it will take weeks or months to optimize your website to produce the right result. Also, you can save cash and do your SEO yourself. But ensure that you have SEO skills before you start working on the site to avoid making it worse. Whether you hire an SEO company or optimize your website yourself, these issues will be checked.

Check that Search Bots Can Crawl and Index Your Website

One reason most websites won’t appear on search results is that they are not on the internet. This could be that search engines can not crawl the website and index it. The SEO company you hire will check for crawl issues when they run an audit of your website. They will check if your robot txt files are not blocking search engine bots from crawling your website. Other technical SEO issues to check are problems with redirects and broken links. If a page is broken or deleted, it will not appear on search engine results. Also, incorrect redirects can cause errors when trying to access the page. 

The Age of Your Website

If your website is new, you should give search engines the chance to crawl and index it. Indexing your website can take weeks or even months, so be patient. If your new website is not appearing on the search result, this might not be a problem if you have optimized it. Just wait!

Check the Keywords You Desire to Rank for

The keywords you want to rank for matter. That is why the SEO company you hire will check the keywords to determine the difficulty. If your website targets a keyword with a high difficulty, the SEO expert you hire can suggest a change.  

Fix Poor On-page SEO Issues

I Can't Find My Website on the Internet?

If your website has poor on-page SEO, then it might not appear on search engines. It would help if you used the right keywords for the title and headings. Your h1 should contain the keywords you want the page to rank for. Also, the content should contain keywords. Aside from that, optimizing your images matters. The SEO expert you hire will help you to add the relevant Alt text to your images. 

Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

The domain authority of your website matters. If other websites in your niche have a high domain authority and yours is low, your website will not have the rank power to appear on the search engine result page. That is why the SEO experts you hire will help you get quality backlinks to increase your domain authority. 


I can’t find my website on the internet? This can be because your website is new, the keywords you are targeting have a high difficulty, your on-page and off-page SEO is poor, or you have a low domain rating. You should hire an SEO expert to help you optimize the website.

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