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Is Adding a Blog Important for My Website?

If you have just hired a web design company to create a website for your business, you will discover that you have to drive traffic to the site. Of course, there are several ways you can drive traffic to your websites. But most of those strategies require paying for Google Ads or creating a social media campaign. One easy way you can drive traffic to your website is by writing blog posts. A blog section on your website helps your visitors and search engine find it. Let’s discuss the advantages of adding a blog section to your business website and how often you should write a blog.

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Advantages of Adding Blog Posts to Your Website

Online visitors know that the blog section of a website is where they can find valuable information about the business. If your audience needs instruction on using a product, they usually turn to your blog posts to search for relevant articles. This brings to light the importance of adding a blog section with lots of relevant articles to your website. 

Adding a Blog to Your Website Will Build Brand Trust

One reason adding a blog to your website is important is that it helps your audience to trust your business. Suppose customers want relevant information about your area of expertise, what better place to turn to than your website? Online visitors find it easy to go online and search for answers to questions bothering them from the various websites on the internet. If you are specialized in an industry, let’s say, automobile repair, your customers will look to you for advice on how to repair their cars. 

When you create lots of blog posts that address how to repair, service, and purchase a car, your online visitors will recognize the site and turn to it whenever they have cars related questions in the future. And if the articles on your blog page show them how to use your products or services, they will come to trust your business.

Adding Blogs to Your Website Give Your Company a Voice

Creating informative articles will give your business a voice. This is because blog posts help you share thoughts relating to your business with your customers. You can make announcements about your products or services with your blog posts and create business-related or informative content to attract your audience. This is an easy way to build a lot of followership without paying a dime. 

Blog Posts Help Your Visitors Find Your Website

When you add more blog posts to your website, you will create more information relating to your business. Any user can easily type a query, and the search engine will display your content. The more blog posts covering different topics you add, the more information your users can find on the site. And the more traffic your website will get when users type in different queries related to your business. You have added one more indexable page when you add blog posts to your website. This means your site has more opportunities to appear on the search result for different queries. That is how blog posts help your visitors to find your website. 

Blog Posts Help Search Engines to Find Your Website

Without blog posts, the contents on your site are static. Your index page and other service page have contents that are fixed. Search engines will crawl static pages and index them for related keywords. But in most cases, you are not the only one competing for those keywords. This means that your website might not even rank at all. But when you add blog posts to your site, search engines have more opportunities to find them. 

For example, if your trade is about car repair, your index page key phrase can be car repair services. But it might be difficult to rank for that key phrase because other businesses will be competing for it. Adding blog posts with titles like “how to service a car,” “best car maintenance services,” and “hints on how to care for your car” can help your website to rank for those keywords. Search engines will find those pages because most of them might have less competitive keyphrases or keywords. 

And when those pages rank on search engines, you can direct your visitors to your website homepage by adding a link. Also, adding more content to your website informs search engine bots that the site is active and should be crawled regularly to index new content. This will assist your website in getting found by search engines more quickly than a site with no blog posts.

Blogs Help You to Attract More Visitors and Gain More Leads

After posting a blog on your website, you can share it on your social media pages to reach potential customers. This way, you will give your audience reasons to visit your site and do business with you. More people will follow you or subscribe to receive the latest information. It will strengthen your social media reach, help your articles get found, and boost your website traffic. 

You can easily use traffic from your blog pages to convert your visitors to leads. After reading your blog posts, your visitors will want to know more. Why don’t you add a contact form so that they can reach you directly to get more information about your services? Also, you can add a call-to-action button somewhere in your article that encourages your visitors to take action on your website.

How to Write Articles or Blog Posts

Is Adding a Blog Important for My Website?

Writing articles or blog posts is easy. But you must know what keywords to use if you want to drive traffic for your business. Most blog posts are 750 words and above, so you should be prepared to write meaningful content above 750 words. Just keep it uncomplicated and go straight to the point when writing an article. Your visitors want to benefit from reading your article, so make it informative. Or, you can invest in your website’s future by hiring a content writing service to write your blog posts for you. This way, your website will get more traffic because they will use the right key phrases to get the right audience for your business.


Is adding a blog post important for my website? Yes, blog posts help your website get found by online visitors and search engines. Don’t hesitate to create a blog post on your website.

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