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Is SEO a Waste of Money? 

Most business owners are wondering if hiring an SEO agency to handle their website optimization is worth it. They have hired a web developer (freelance web developer in most cases) to build their business websites, and have discovered that it is not getting much organic traffic. If you are contemplating building a website for your business, you can hire a good web design company that will do SEO when building the site. If you don’t integrate SEO when making your website, the solution is to hire an SEO company. Then the rush to hire an SEO agency begins with some business owners spending thousands of dollars only to gain nothing from it. Others have given up optimizing their site. So, is SEO a waste of money? That depends on who you hire to help you optimize your website. 

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Why Is SEO Not a Waste of Money?

SEO can be a waste of money if you hire the wrong guys to optimize your website. Some website owners will go to a freelancing platform and hire someone who works cheap. But regarding SEO, cheap is not the best option. This is because cheap SEOs do employ blackhat techniques most of the time. Most of those quack SEO guys will tell you that they will get links from websites to build your backlink profile, charging you between $20 to $50 for the job. 

What quack SEO specialists will do is generate automatic links with some kind of tool that they created and then show you the result. Of course, this will work at first, but the table will turn against you when search engines like Google penalize your website.  Other business owners will employ search engine optimization specialists that will optimize the site with the wrong strategy. Most SEO agencies will not pay attention to your website needs and will collect cash from you because they want to make money. 

If you want the effort you made to boost your website SEO and increase your organic traffic to be fruitful; you should hire the right SEO agency. Hiring the right search engine optimization company to optimize your website will provide the right result for your business. Increased traffic, more leads and increased revenue are what you get when you hire the right agency. That is why doing SEO the right way is not a waste of money. Let’s why you should hire an SEO company and consider things a good SEO company will do to your website. 

Is SEO a Waste of Money?

SEO Improve the Usability of Your Website

Search engine optimization makes your business website user-friendly. In fact, search engines like Google will not rank a website that is not user-friendly. This means that for your site to convert, your customers must be able to access it. And when they find the content on your website useful, search engines will keep displaying the site to your audience. The other part of search engine optimization is optimizing or making the website crawlable. Search engine bots must crawl the site to know what is on it and display it for appropriate terms. So, when you hire SEO experts to optimize your site, they should focus on these two aspects. 

SEO Will Enhance the Visibility of Your Website

The visibility of your business website matters if you want to make sales. But a website that is not optimized for search engines and users will not gain much impression (impression means the number of times your website is shown). For your business website to be visible, search engine bots must be able to crawl it. SEO specialists will ensure that your site doesn’t have any crawl issues.

They will check that no page on the site is blocked by robots. After checking that the site can be crawled by search engines, the SEO specialist will check the content. The structure of your website content matters if it must appear on the search result page. The SEO specialist will check if you are using the right keywords to target your audience. Also, they will check the keywords search volume to know how many times users search for the query.

A website with low keyword search will receive little organic traffic. And a website with a highly competitive keyword will not make it to the top. After checking the keyword search volume, the SEO specialist will check if the keywords appear on the heading of your content. Do your h1 reflect your main keywords? What about other headings? When your content is optimized, and there are no indexation issues with your content, gradually, search engines will display it.  

SEO Will Generate Conversion

Although SEO is not a short-term strategy, it will generate conversion for your business in the long run. True, it can take months to do good SEO for your website, but when the site finally appears on the search engine result page, you will reap the benefits of the cash you spent on SEO.


Is SEO a waste of money? No, doing SEO with the right agency is not a waste of money. This is because a good SEO strategy will increase the visibility of your website, generate conversion and improve the usability of the site.

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