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Make a Responsive Website for Your Business

One way businesses can get more customers is by moving online. But there are lots of online businesses competing for the same customers. To get your small business website above the competition, you must make it responsive. This will make it accessible to your customers from different devices. Most modern website development companies are skilled at creating responsive websites. There are many benefits you can derive from making your website responsive. Increased conversion, more revenue, and engagement are the benefits of creating a responsive website. This write-up explains how you can make your small business website responsive. 

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What Is Responsive Website Development?

Responsive website development is designing and coding a website so that its content will fit any device type. A website’s content includes images, videos, and text; they usually carry different widths and heights for different devices. When you view a website on a desktop, you will notice that the contents are big. The image on the desktop version of a website will have a bigger width and height than a tablet or phone. A responsive website will display different content sizes for different devices. An image that is 750-pixel width will not perfectly fit a device below a 450-pixel screen size. 

This will make the website not responsive on a device below 450 pixels. To make your business website responsive, the website designer has to adjust the size of the image. Images and videos’ width and height should be adjusted for different screen sizes. Also, the overall arrangement of content will change when the device size changes. Modern website development companies know responsive website design. They understand that a responsive website performs better than a website that is not. 

responsive website

Advantages of a Responsive Website

Attract a Wider Audience

A responsive website attracts a wider audience. This is true because millions of online users interact with websites every day. Most of the online users are distributed across various devices. Some online users use desktops, while others use mobile or tablets to interact with websites. If you wish for your business website to attract a larger audience, you have to make it look better on desktops, tablets, and phones. This way, visitors using tablets and phones will have to interact with your website instead of only desktop visitors. 

Your Website Will Create a Good User Experience

A good user experience is crucial if you want your online visitors to engage with your website. When you hire a web developer that will create a website that will look nice on all devices, there is a high chance that it will generate conversion. Also, a responsive website will keep your online visitors coming back to your site because of the nice experience when they first visited it.

Search Engines Loves Responsive Website

Search engines like Bing and Google love a responsive website. If your business website is responsive and has a good SEO rating, it will rank well on the search engine result page. Search engine optimization is essential for a website: most search engines index and rank sites based on their SEO performance. A responsive website must have a high SEO rating. It must meet search engine guidelines and increase conversion before being shown high on the SERP. 

How to Ensure that Your Website Is Responsive

If you have website development or coding skills, you can design and code your business website yourself and ensure that you make it responsive. Most business owners can’t code a website, so they have to hire a website developer to build their site. If you are a store owner and fall under this category, you should ensure that you hire a web design company that knows responsive web design. Make sure that the website developer optimizes the content on your website so that it fits all devices. You have to check the website’s images and ensure that it remains perfect as you reduce the size. Aside from images, you have to check other features like the buttons, text size, links, and website navigation. Your website will be mobile-friendly and accessible when all these features are optimized.


To make a responsive website for your business, you have to optimize the content to fit different devices. Or you can hire a website development company to help you build a responsive website.  

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