Organic vs PPC Traffic, Which Is Better for My Website?

Do you want website traffic to increase your business revenue? Every business website owners want more reach and more conversion to increase revenue. There are two ways of getting traffic on the internet. The first one is organic search, which is also known as organic traffic. The other want to get traffic to your website is PPC or Pay Per Click. If you are a business website owner, you must have heard of one or both of them. Organic vs PPC traffic, and which of them is better for your website? This article answers the question above. 

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What Is Website Traffic?

Before we dive into organic and PPC traffic, we should understand what website traffic is. Website traffic is a click on a website by someone that is searching for terms related to your business online. When someone visits your website by clicking on its URL, that counts as traffic. Every website needs traffic to make money and increase revenue. A website with no traffic is useless; that is why business owners will take steps to increase their web traffic. So, the more people click on your website, the more traffic it gets. 

What Is Organic Traffic?

Now that you understand web traffic, you should know more about organic traffic. The best way to understand organic traffic is by comparing it to PPC or pay-per-click. Organic website traffic is a visit to your website that you do not pay for. This means that when someone visits your website by organic search, you won’t pay a dime for it. Organic traffic is free and cheap, offering the best way to increase your business revenue. 

But unlike most free things, organic traffic is not easy to get. This is because many websites are competing for free traffic, too. And since your website is not the only one on the internet, you have to compete also. This is where SEO comes into the picture. Every website that wants organic traffic must do SEO. Search engine optimization means making your website user-friendly and search engines friendly so that it will be displayed by the latter. 

Organic vs PPC Traffic Which Is Better for My Website?

What Is PPC Traffic?

Unlike free organic traffic, PPC traffic is not free. That is why comparing industry experts usually compare SEO and PPC because they are like words and opposite. Most business website owners don’t understand SEO, so they turn to paid traffic. Others have outsourced their SEO to amateurs and discovered that the only way forward for them is to pay for website traffic. PPC can cost a business website owner thousands of dollars per month, while organic traffic will cost you nothing. 

Is Organic Traffics Better Than PPC?

While most experts will say yes, others will tell you that both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want free website traffic, you should go for organic traffic. One thing business owners must understand is that organic traffic is not a miracle. This is because free clicks don’t just come to a website like that. Business owners must work hard to get free organic traffic. If you have decided that you want to go for organic traffic, you must invest in SEO. 

Note that while organic traffics is free, SEO is not, unless you know how to do it. There are lots of SEO companies that can help you to optimize your website so that it will receive free organic traffic. Note that SEO takes time to work. This means that if you build a website for your business today, you should not expect SEO to work tomorrow. It will take a while to get free organic traffic to your website after building it. But if you do SEO the right way, you will enjoy the free traffic that will come your way. What about PPC? Not all businesses will succeed after doing SEO. 

In fact, most business website owners have no idea of search engine optimization and organic traffic. So the only option available for them is to pay search engines for traffic. 


Paying search engines like Google for traffic will cost your business thousands of dollars monthly. That is a lot of money for a new business website owner. The only option for paid traffic is organic traffic, but remember that you have to invest in doing SEO to get one. That is why experts find it hard to tell which is better between organic traffic and PPC. 

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