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SEO Experts’ Job Descriptions

Do you have a website that doesn’t generate conversions as you expect it to? There are millions of websites on the internet that are like that. Unfortunately for some business owners, they will create a website themselves without hiring the experts and build what will never make money. This means that those websites are not optimized. Other business owners are smart not to build their websites themselves, but not smart enough to hire the best web development services. If you discover that your website falls short of organic traffic, then you need SEO. This means that you have to hire an SEO expert to help you optimize your website. To make it easy, we have written this article to help you know SEO experts’ job descriptions. 

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Who Is an SEO Expert? 

An SEO expert or SEO specialist is someone that does website optimization. This person is skilled at detecting issues affecting a website. And after detecting the issue, the expert will find a solution to it. SEO specialists do guess doing SEO as amateurs do. Instead, they consider search engine optimization a result-driven service that must be handled properly. 

What Are the Skills of an SEO Expert?

An SEO expert must be able to run a website diagnostic before telling the clients what to do about it. After running a diagnostic, the expert must be able to solve the problem affecting the website’s visibility. The skills of an SEO specialist are numerous. They include knowing how to do website audits, on-page, and off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Most SEO specialists are also skilled at doing search engine marketing and social media marketing. But the first four skills we mention are crucial if an SEO expert must optimize a website properly. 

What Are SEO Expert’s Job Descriptions?

As we mentioned before, an SEO specialist should be able to do website audits. After identifying the problems facing the website, the specialist must be able to solve the problem by optimizing the website. To optimize a website, the expert must be skilled at doing on-page and off-page SEO and technical SEO. On-page optimization is when the expert you hire fixes issues related to your web pages. This means adjusting your title and meta description. Also, the SEO expert you hire will help you structure your web page headings, ensuring that they are well arranged. 

SEO Experts' Job Descriptions

Adding images and ALT descriptions to the images is another part of on-page SEO. Aside from on-page, off-page SEO involves building the reputation of a website offline by getting quality backlinks pointing at it. Technical SEO is another part of an SEO expert job description. This is one of the toughest SEO and involves optimizing a website to fix technical issues. Technical issues affecting a website include web pages not indexed, broken and dead links, incorrect 301 redirects, and crawl issues. 

What About Cheap SEO Services?

Most business owners will prefer not to spend money on their website but on other irrelevant things. That is why most will hire cheap SEO services for their website. But hiring cheap SEO services will do you more harm than good. This is because those services know how to game the search engines. When search engines realize it, your website will be penalized. You don’t desire that for your website if you plan to make any money from it. Some cheap SEO services will promise to help you get about a hundred backlinks for just $100. This is too good to be true, and when they do, your website will be penalized eventually. So, if you are serious about generating conversion with your website, cheap SEO is not an option.  

How Do I Find Good SEO Services?

There are many good SEO services, but to hire them, you should be ready to pay what is fair. To find good SEO services, you can do a simple Google search for SEO services and analyze the results. You will discover that most are SEO companies. This is because most SEO specialists work with a company to optimize websites with a team of experts. But hiring an SEO company means that you should be ready to pay what is fair. A big SEO company like LA coalition or Webfx will charge you a large amount because they have a large number of high-paying clients. But if you go for a medium search engine optimization company, you will pay what is fair. 


What Are SEO experts’ job descriptions, and how to hire one? An SEO expert should be able to do on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. This means that when hiring someone to optimize your website, you need to check the skills to hire the right expert. 

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