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Should I Hire a Social Media Manager?

Are you planning to grow your social media followers? Social media is essential for every business to engage with its followers and increase sales. But few businesses know the value of social media. If you fall into that category, you might ask, should I hire a social media manager? Who is a social media manager? What are the skills of a social media manager? This article answers the question and gives tips on skills to look for when you want to hire a social media manager. 

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What Is a Social Media Manager? 

A social media manager or marketer is a specialist who use social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to reach new customers and engage with current ones. Aside from that, social media managers are responsible for developing strategies to grow followers, create and oversee social media campaigns, write content and communicate with followers.  

Why Should I Hire a Social Media Marketer?

Suppose you have a business and regularly engage with your customers online using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to provide information about the latest updates and feedback. In that case, you need a social media manager. 

Another reason to hire a social media manager is to help you handle requests made by your customers and provide feedback promptly. 

If customer requests go unanswered, your followers will eventually leave, but with the right social media marketing manager, you will be on top of the game. Hiring a social media expert is the best option if you want to focus on your business. 

Should I Hire Full Time or Freelance Social Media Marketer?

Well, the answer depends on the size of your business. If you have a large business with millions of followers, you can hire a full-time social media manager to engage with your customers. But if you are a new business with thousands of followers, you can hire a freelance social manager or full-time based on your budget. At Websavis, we have a team of social media managers that you can hire to handle your business social page. 

Skills to Look for When Hiring a Marketer

You should look for several skills when hiring a social media manager to represent your business.

Ability to Adapt to Your Brand’s Voice 

Social media pages must align with your business. Your social media platform must speak your brand voice and tone. When hiring a social media expert, you should employ someone that can adapt to your brand’s voice and connect with a business’s target audience on social media.

Skilled in Handling Multiple Accounts 

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Having different social media accounts is crucial to maintain a large customer base. Some businesses can simultaneously have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page. So, when hiring a social media marketing manager, you should employ someone that can handle multiple accounts and keep up with your customers. 

Familiarity with Social Media Tools

A social media expert must be able to use social media management tools like Buffer, Sprout Social, Facebook Suite, and Gain to help with content management. You should ensure that the person you hire is competent in using all those tools. 

Dedicated to Collaboration

Social media managers won’t work alone. They must collaborate with the marketing team to create a unique voice for your brand. So, when employing someone to handle your social media account, you should hire someone who can work well with a team. Regardless of whether the expert comes to the office or works remotely, you must hire someone that can collaborate with you and your marketing team. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Social Media Marketer?

The cost of hiring a social media marketing manager varies depending on whether you hire a freelancer or a full-time expert. Most freelancers can work cheap if you hire them to handle your social media account remotely. But if you hire a full-time social media manager, you spend more money than a freelancer. At Websavis, we can connect you with our social media marketing management team, who can work directly with your team or independently. 


Should I hire a social media manager? Yes, you should hire social media marketing if you want an expert to help you grow your accounts. Also, if you want someone to engage with your audiences using your brand voice, you should hire a social media expert. 

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