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Should I Hire Cheap Article Writing Services?

Well, that depends on the quality of content you want. If you want high-quality, SEO-rich content for your website, you should not hire cheap article writing services. But if you prefer low-quality content with no SEO, you can go for cheap article writing services. Business website owners that are serious about getting a share of online users should not hesitate to go for the best SEO content writing services. “Content is king,” true, but for your content to make sense, it must be written to direct traffic to your site. Also, your content must be optimized for search engines. This post progresses from discussing cheap article services to highlighting the benefits of quality content writing services. 

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Why Business Website Owners Should Not Hire Cheap Article Writing Services

A cheap article writing service is bad for your website. If you don’t believe that, check the quality of the content. Business website owners who keep scooping for cheap content writing services online fail to understand that writing content is not written for writing sake. When you create content for your website, the aim should be to generate more traffic in your direction. If you hire a service that plans and researches your content using the right keywords, then your effort will pay off. Cheap article writing services will not look at your website to identify content gaps. 

They will write articles based on the topic you give them. If a business website owner can identify content gaps, that will not be bad. But if not, it is not a good thing. Aside from knowing what topic to write on, writing quality articles is another. Cheap article writing services will outsource your job to writers that they will pay a few bucks. They can look for writers that will pay between $1 and $3 for a 1000-word article. Then, the writers will rush the writing process to get more writing jobs. So, your article may contain little to no SEO and value. 

How to Hire High-quality Article Writing Services

If you plan to create more content for your website, your aim should not be to generate articles; you should plan to create SEO-rich content. So, SEO content writing should be the guide business owners should use to find the right writing services. Aside from SEO, you have to do plagiarism checks. The next heading explains SEO article writing. 

Consider SEO Writing When Hiring an Article Writing Service 

Every website owner should be concerned about the kind of content they add to their website. Your content must adhere to SEO guidelines and be created to generate traffic to your website. Writing quality content involves planning, researching your keywords, and writing. 

Planning Your Content

To write an article that will benefit your audience and generate more traffic for your website, you must plan it. Planning your content involves looking at your website to identify content gaps. Do you need more content on a particular product or service that your business covers? Or, do you have more content on a topic to the extent that creating more will not make sense? If you see the need to create content on a particular topic, you should evaluate the value of search traffic. Cheap article writing services will not do that. 

Research Your Keywords and Write

Another task of a good writing service is to research the keyword you want to write. Your keyword or key phrase is a group of words that you want the article to rank for. The article writing service you hire should write your content around the keyword and include more key phrases. This way, an article can rank for more than one key phrase. 

Should I Hire Cheap Article Writing Services?

Proofread and Edit the Article

After writing it, a good article writing service will proofread and edit your work. Proofreading is crucial to remove grammatical errors and ensure that the article stays on the topic. 

Check the Article for Plagiarism

After writing your article, the content writing service will check it for plagiarism to ensure that no copy exists online. 

All these services are what a good article writing service will do before and after writing your content. Cheap article writing services will not do all that. That is why most website owners end up with low-quality content when they hire cheap content writers.  


Should I hire cheap article writing services? That depends on what you want. You should not hire cheap content writing services if you want high-quality content. If you don’t care about the quality of your website content, then you can go for them. 

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