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Tips for Finding a Blog Writing Service in the UK

Do you have a business website that receives little to no organic traffic in the UK? There are millions of websites online and most of them are not visible to online visitors. The reason? They lack the capacity to generate organic traffic because they have no relevant content to attract the right readers. If your website falls under that category, no worries, you can still make it work. The solution? You should hire a blog writing service in the UK to help you write well-optimized blog posts that attract the right audience. But finding the right blog writing service in the UK can be a daunting task. This post provides tips for finding a blog writing service in the UK. 

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Tip: This article helps business owners to make the right choice when hiring a blog writing service. It provides answers to common questions you should ask yourself before you engage the services of an article writer in the UK. 

Common Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Blog Writing Service in the UK

What Is a Blog Writing Service?

This is the very first question every business website owner should ask if they want to grow their website’s organic traffic. A blog writing service in the UK is a firm that helps website owners write conversion-generating blog posts or articles to inform their readers and grow their organic traffic. 

How Does a Blog Writing Service Work?

Well, a blog or article writing service works by helping you build readership. Article writing services will help you write relevant content for your business website. More and more people will come to your website when they find relevant content that can help their life.

If you have a fitness business, for example, you can hire a blog writer in the UK to help you write articles or blog posts related to what you do. When your audience notices that you have relevant information on your website, they will keep coming back to read more content. But that is not all. 

Search engines (Google, Bing, and Yandex) will notice your website and keep on displaying it for relevant keywords. The more search engines display your site, the more audience you get, and the more revenue you make if you sell directly to your audience. 

What Should My Blog Be About?

Well, the answer to that question depends on your business goals. Do you want to generate leads to grow your business? You can hire a blog writing service in the UK that will help you inform your audience about your products or services. 

Or, do you want to grow your readership and weekly subscription? A blog writer can help you write articles that appeal to your audience. Your blog posts should be primarily for your business. If you travel a lot, and you want to create a travel blog, the blog writer you hire should write content related to your business goals. 

If you have a home improvement store, the writer you hire will write articles related to home improvement. Remember that your blog should be anything that appeals to your readers and helps grow your business. 

Tips for Finding a Blog Writing Service in the UK

How Many Articles Should My Blog Have?

If you want a blog that brings in meaningful traffic, you should at least start with 10 or 15 articles. Well, the blog writing service you hired in the UK will advise you to write more if you want more traffic. 

You shouldn’t dismiss them because the more blog posts or articles your website has, the more organic keywords search engines will rank it for and the more organic traffic you will get. Most big businesses have more than 200 articles on their blog, so, depending on your niche, you should publish more. 

How Much Should I Pay for a Blog Post in the UK?

The amount you will pay for a blog post in the UK varies. If you hire popular blog writing services like Contently, ContentWriters,, or iWriter, you should expect them to charge you more for the service. Also, a well-known blog writer in the UK will charge more to write content for you. 

For a fully researched, professionally written, and fully optimized blog post in the UK, you should expect to pay the blog writer around £50 and £100. Websavis’ skilled content writers have more than enough experience to help you create blog posts at an affordable price in the UK. 

How Long Is an Average Blog Post in the UK?

While most writers and SEOs will tell you that you have to write lots of content for your blog to rank, the fact is, there are no specific amounts of words to write on a blog. The reason? Search engines like Google and Bing search for relevant content and display them to their users. 

If you can cover a topic with few words, then, there is no need to add irrelevant words in your articles. But if the topic you want to cover is broad, you can always write more to inform your audience. A blog post can be 500 words long, 1000 words, or 2000 words depending on the topic. 

How Long Until My Blog Gets Traffic?

Now, this is the question website owners should be asking. It can take up to 3 to 6 months for your blog to start generating organic traffic for your website. Since you engage the services of a blog writing service in the UK, search engines will notice your blog posts quickly, crawl them, index them and display them to your audience.


The tips for finding a blog writing service in the UK have been addressed in this article. By now, you should know that a blog service is a firm that helps you create conversion-generating blog posts for your website. Also, you should know that a blog works by bringing organic traffic to your business. The amount you pay for a blog post in the UK varies and can be around £50 and £100. Depending on your business niche and the quality of your blog posts, it can take three to six months for it to start generating organic traffic for your website. 

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