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What Are the 7 Steps to Creating a WordPress Website?

WordPress is one of the best content management systems to use when buying a website for your business. Its drag-and-drop features make adding content easier and faster, with less code. Aside from that, WordPress code is written following best practices. This means that your website will have fewer issues and Google will rank fast. But how do you make a WordPress website? For experts, that is not a problem. If you are a newbie, making a website with WordPress will not be an easy task. Keep on reading this article to know the 7 steps to creating a WordPress website. 

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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that helps manage how your content is displayed. It is so powerful and popular that one-third of the websites online are made with it. WordPress was originally made from blogging. But with the help of plugins and themes, you can customize your site website to an e-commerce store or build a professionally-looking business website. 

Who Should Use WordPress?

Anyone can use WordPress to make a website. If you are a travel blogger or a food enthusiast, you can use WordPress to create your travel or food website. If you are an e-commerce business that sells thousands of products to your customers, you can reach more customers with a WordPress website. Are you an agency that needs a website to get more clients? WordPress websites are the best for you. 

WordPress Website Development Process

What Are the 7 Steps to Creating a WordPress Website?

Creating a WordPress website is easy if you have the right set of skills. Just like doing something new, building your website with WordPress will be a difficult task if you have less experience. But don’t worry, as you develop your skills further, you will find the WordPress website development process as easy as pie. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website on WordPress?

How long it takes to get a functional WordPress website depends on how ready you are. Do you have everything it takes to make your site? Here is what you need to make your website with WordPress.

  • Design your website 
  • The domain name and web hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a theme
  • Install plugins
  • Add your content 

Seven Steps to Build a WordPress Website

The 7 steps to creating a WordPress website are:

Step One – Design Your Website

You must know what your website looks like before you start making it. That is why you have to design it and ensure that it looks professional. You can hire a web designer to design your WordPress website if you have the budget. Or, you can review several websites in your business niche and select the best design that appeals to you. The point is for you to come up with a website design that is responsive and looks professional.

Step Two – Get a Domain and Web Hosting

A domain name will make your website accessible when users search for it. There are several domain name registrars that you can purchase a domain from. But it is advisable that you should buy a domain with your web hosting company. Domain name with privacy and SSL certificate will cost around $40 per year depending on the company you choose. Web hosting will cost around $100 or more per year depending on your host. 

Step Three – Install WordPress 

Now that you have a domain and your website is live, you have to start giving it shape. To do that, go to your c-panel and click on install WordPress. Set your username and password and click on install. Once installed, your WordPress website is live on the internet. You can visit your URL to view your site. Next, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on settings. Configure your site title and tagline. Also, configure your permalink. 

Step Four – Choose a Theme

You will notice that your website is not attractive. To make it look good, you have to go to the theme library and install a theme. Make sure you install a lightweight theme that will make your website load faster. 

Step Five – Install Plugins

Plugins are like apps on a mobile phone. They help add functionalities to your WordPress website. With plugins, you can create an e-commerce store, a directory website, etc. There are tons of plugins you can choose from. But one that stands out is Elementor. Elementor is an on-page website builder that makes it easy for you to edit your WordPress website without writing code. Aside from that, you have to install SEO plugins like Yoast, WP-optimize and a backup plugin.

Step Six – Add Your Content

“Content is king”! Without content, you haven’t got a website. That is why, to make your website complete, you have to add content. Content in this case refers to text, images or videos. Anything that your audience can engage with and drive more traffic to your website. 

Step Seven – Optimize Your Website

After adding your content, you have to optimize it to ensure that it sticks to search engine guidelines. This means doing SEO. If you have done it, you should install an SEO plugin like Yoast, if you want your site to be SEO friendly. After, use Yoast to optimize every page on your website to ensure that it has a title, subheadings, structured text and image and that keywords are well distributed in them. Also, you need a plugin like WP-optimize to minify your site’s JavaScript and CSS and to cache your site so that it will load fast. 

When you have done all these steps, you only have to continue adding content to your website to increase your organic traffic. 

So, What Next?

You now have an idea of the 7 steps to creating a website with WordPress, and you are excited to build yours. You can go ahead and try it, but know that it will not be easy if you are a newbie. Don’t worry, as you develop your WordPress skills, you will eventually become an expert. And if you don’t have the time to make your website, why not hire a WordPress expert to make one for you? 

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