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Advantages of Using CMS to Build My Website

Your business needs a website to reach more customers online. Yes, a website is indispensable for any business that wants to scale. But how do you build a website for your business? You can hire a web design company to handle the task or do it yourself. Building your website yourself is not easy, even if you have the right skills and time. So, to make the task easy, you can use a content management system to build your website. This article explains the advantages of using CMS to build your small business website. 

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What Is a CMS?

A CMS or content management system is an online platform that allows you to make a website without writing any code. Examples of the various CMS platforms available are WordPress and Drupal. These two popular CMS platforms enable you to quickly and conveniently set up a website and even integrate a database. 

Advantages of Making Your Small Business Website with CMS 

 The advantages of creating your site with CMS are:

  • Quick setup.
  • Add blog posts fast.
  • Easy update.
  • Responsive website.

Content Management Systems Are Easy to Use

One advantage of using a CMS platform to make your website is learning how to use it quickly, even if you don’t have any programming knowledge. A content management platform like WordPress has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate the platform and find the various widgets to make their site. You have to purchase a domain and host and install WordPress on the live server. 

After installing WordPress on the server, click on it and go to your dashboard. On your dashboard, which is also the backend, you will find the various tools you need to make the site on the left sidebar. Tools like posts enable you to add more blog posts to the website. Also, you can use the page tool to add new pages. To add products to your website, you don’t have to write any code, install WooCommerce and add new products. 

CMS Enables You to Make Your Website Quickly

Another advantage of using CMS to make your website is that you can make it quickly. If you have your web design and content ready, you can set up your website in a matter of days. With WordPress, there is no need for you to write code. Instead, you will drag and drop widgets until the site is done. Dragging and dropping is a feature of WordPress that makes you quickly add or delete widgets instead of coding them from scratch. 

A form widget, for example, enables you to collect users’ input when you put it on your website. To make a form from scratch, you have to write the code and verify your users’ inputs. But with CMS, you can easily add a form widget, and everything will be taken care of for you by WordPress. Widgets like buttons, carousel, slider, and navigation can be easily added to your website. And the good thing is that you can customize the widgets. 

Advantages of Using CMS to Build My Website

CMS Platforms Take Care of the Responsiveness of Your website

Every website must be responsive for it to be search engine friendly. A not responsive site will create a bad user experience because the content will break on different devices. The CMS platform you use to make your site will handle its responsiveness. You can easily set how your site will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices without writing the media query code with CSS. 

CMS Enables You to Add More Blogs to Your Website

Your website needs more content to stay fresh online. When you add more content, search engines will find more indexable keywords to rank your website for. That is why every website that wants to rank must add blog posts regularly. But adding a blog to a website built with HTML will not be easy for you. To add blog posts to a CMS like WordPress, you have to click on post on your dashboard. Then add the content you want to upload and ensure that you optimize it by writing a good title and meta description. 


What are the advantages of using CMS to build my small business website? The advantages of creating your site with CMS are:

  • Quick setup.
  • Add blog posts fast.
  • Easy update.
  • Responsive website.
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