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What Are the Best Sales Funnel Builders?

Are you planning to generate leads and increase conversion and sales? Perhaps, you have tried other means of increasing your business revenue in the past, and you have concluded that you need a sales funnel. A sales funnel makes it easy for business owners to generate leads and convert their prospects into customers. But to enjoy the benefits of a sales funnel, you need to build one. It means employing a sales funnel expert to help you build your funnel using a sales funnel builder. This article discusses the best sales funnel builders business owners can use to build their funnels.

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What Is a Sales Funnel Builder?

A sales funnel builder is a tool or software that enables you to set up the various parts your sales funnel will need. To understand that better, let’s quickly dive into the sales funnel. A sales funnel is a series of web pages that guide your prospects till they make a purchase or sign up to receive your emails. 

It contains a landing page or opt-in page with a sign-up form or a pop-up that encourages your visitors to subscribe to your email list. Also, it contains an up-sell and down-sell page that makes it easy for your customers to increase and decrease their orders. 

Sales funnels also contain a thank-you and order page. So, a sales funnel builder makes it easy for you to design all those pages without writing a single code. 

Features of a Sales Funnel Builder

There are different kinds of sales funnel builders available on the market. While some will focus on helping you generate more leads, others focus on helping you sell more products. Below is a list of the features a good sales funnel builder must-have. 

Lead generation. A good sales funnel should enable you to collect leads easily by letting you add a contact form or pop-up form that encourages your customers to sign-up for your emails. 

Mobile responsive. It is important that every web page must be mobile responsive to create a better customer experience. A good sales funnel must be mobile-first because most of your customers will be using mobile phones. 

Sales dashboard. A good sales funnel must have a sales dashboard that enables you to monitor your sales and conversion. This way, you will know whether you are progressing or not. 

Integration. A good sales funnel should enable you to connect seamlessly with other sales software. 

Should I Hire a Sales Funnel Builder Expert to Build My Funnel?

If you can build your sales funnel yourself using a sales funnel builder, then, you don’t have to hire a sales funnel expert. Most sales funnel builders are a little complex to set up for newbies, so the best way to use them is to hire someone to help you set up your funnel. This means that you should hire a sales funnel builder expert to help you make your sales funnel if you want a funnel that converts. 

What Are the Best Sales Funnel Builders?

5 Best Sales Funnel Builders to Use


WordPress is one of the best sales funnel builders business owners can use to make their funnel. This is because it comes with lots of features that enable you to build your funnel. WordPress has lots of themes that help you customize the looks of your funnel. Aside from that, WordPress comes with lots of plugins that enable you to add e-commerce features and SEO to your sales funnel. And if you want a sales funnel that is easy to use, WordPress is the best option on the table. With WordPress, you can choose to use any of the available sales funnel plugins to build wonderful funnels.   


ClickFunnels is another sales funnel builder that makes it easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to set up their funnels without having to write code. This sales funnel builder comes with a different template that makes it possible for you to create lead generation funnels. Aside from that, you can sell physical products, online courses, and e-books with ClickFunnels.


This is another sales funnel builder that ships with everything you need to make a wonderful funnel. They recently introduced their conversion funnel feature that makes it easy for you to set up social media campaigns, landing pages, webinars, and email automation. Another interesting thing about GetResponse is that you can sell your products using their platform. Aside from that, this sales funnel builder is easy to set up with lots of modern templates to use. is another sales funnel builder that ships with all the features you need to make a wonderful funnel. As one of the best sales funnel builders available, makes it easy to manage your email campaign, offer and sell online courses and even sell physical products. 


This is an all-in-one email marketing service that can also be used to build sales funnels. With ActiveCampaign, you can collect leads and increase conversion. Noticeable features of this sales funnel builder are an easy-to-use form builder, landing page builder, email integration, and payment integration. 


What are the best sales funnel builders? The right sales funnel builder to use depends on your business needs. When setting up your sales funnel, you should use one that makes it easy to set up without writing any code. Also, you should use a sales funnel that makes it easy to sell any products or services you want. 

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