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How to Identify a High-performing Remote Team

When building extraordinary workplaces and high-performance teams, getting it right is essential to the organisation’s success. High-performing teams are engaged and dedicated, producing extraordinary results, helping organizations sail through tough times and building success. What is a remote team? What are the characteristics of a high-performing remote team? This article provides answers to those questions.  

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What Is a Remote Team? 

A remote team is a group of employees that work from different locations. They use technology to collaborate when working on a project, making work easier and faster. The three types of remote working are nearshoring, offshoring, and onshoring. 

While the three share some similarities because employees work from home, the difference between them is collaborating in real-time. In nearshoring, an organization builds a team of experts (web developers, SEO specialists, content writers, quality assurance engineers, etc.) from a country with the same time zone. 

Offshoring involves hiring a remote team from a country far from yours, while onshoring involves hiring from the same country. Whatever hiring model you choose, building a high-performing team is essential for success. 

What Is a High-performing Team?

A high-performing team is a group of experts that give their best when rendering a service. The team have the right technical skills, use the right tech tool, and employ the right strategy, in addition to leadership skills to fulfil all the deliverables necessary for the completion of a project. 

Why build a high-performing team? Since remote working involves employees from different locations, you must ensure that you hire the right fit for the job. 

This means that your employees must have the skills and tools and be guided by the right work culture if they move your organization forward. Only a high-performing team can do that. 

Characteristics of a High-performance Team


What Are the Characteristics of a High-Performing Team?

High-performing teams collaborate when working on a project. Collaboration is essential for planning and executing a project from start to finish. Team members get along well when working on a project and provide help whenever possible. 


Members of a high-performance team have a high level of enthusiasm. They are excited about all the aspects of a project, from planning to execution and completion. Also, they are eager to deliver all the requirements necessary for your business to move forward. Of course, they can’t do that if they don’t understand your business. 


Team members in a high-performing remote team are dedicated to their jobs. When given a project, they see them through to the end and ensure that all aspects of the project are done to the smallest detail. 

They pay attention to details and will not skip any part of the project to reach completion. 

Aside from that, high-performing team members are dedicated to your business. They understand the organization, the clients you serve, and what must be done to move your business forward. 

Decision-Making and Accountability

Members of a high-performing team have the freedom to decide how they will fulfil a project. They know that their opinion matters and are not afraid to voice out when it matters. 

The top-down chain of command in a traditional workplace is absent, so team members are free to be themselves and give their best. 

Aside from that, high-performing team members are accountable for their actions. Since individual output matters, team members ensure that they give their best. 

Shared Vision

A shared vision is essential in a team that performs above the mark. Having a shared vision means that team members are united with a common purpose. 

They share the same goals and work in sync to move your organization forward. Also, team members know your company’s values and work toward upholding those values. 

So, how can you build a high-performance team? At Websavis, we can help you build a high-performing remote team of software developers, quality assurance engineers, SEO specialists, content writers, graphic designers and business advisors who can work with your organization to deliver your roadmap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important to Have a High-Performing Team?

A high-performance remote team is the only way to move your business forward. A team that gets along and collaborates regularly will function to get all tasks done correctly. Also, a team that understands your organization’s goals and values will give their best output. 

How Do You Define High Performance?

High performance means faster, better or more efficient than others. So, a high-performing team practices agile working and delivers a project faster and more efficiently than others. 

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