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Seven Skills of a Back-end Web Developer

Are you planning to hire a back-end developer? Hiring a back-end developer for your web development project is a great idea if you want a website that functions properly. But to hire the right expert, you have to check the skills. What are the skills of a back-end developer? This article lists seven skills of a back-end web developer.

What Is a Back-end Developer?

A back-end developer is an expert responsible for writing the backend codes of a website and how it is going to communicate when the user triggers any particular action. Also, back-end engineers build that part of a website you cannot see like the server, database, and APIs. 

What Are the Responsibilities of a Back-end Developer?

Every back-end programmer job will be a bit different. In general, they take on tasks like: 

  • Building the server-side infrastructure for a website or mobile application. 
  • Debugging and fixing errors.
  • Work with front-end developers to transfer data efficiently to client-side web applications.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to develop a market-ready website or app. 
  • Quality assurance testing. 

Are you contemplating hiring a back-end developer for your web development project? Here are some of the skills you should watch out for. 

What Are Skills to Look for When Hiring a Back-end Developer?

What Are the Skills of a Back-end Developer?

Some of the skills of a back-end developer are listed below. 

Back-end Programming Languages 

You should hire a backend developer with experience coding with programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, Ruby or NodeJS. 

  • Java. This is one of the most robust coding languages used in backend development. Developers can use it to build applications and dynamic websites with high functionalities. 
  • Python. This programming language is used to automate tasks and build the server side of a website or application. A backend engineer should be able to code with Python. 
  • PHP. Server-side programmers can use PHP to build the backend of a website. PHP powers more than 80% of the websites online today and is used in WordPress development. 

Knowledge of Front-End Technologies

Before hiring a back-end developer, one of the skills to watch out for is knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, a back-end programmer should be able to code a website using front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, React, and Vue. 

Knowledge of Back-end Frameworks

An expert backend developer must know how to use backend frameworks like Nodejs, Expressjs, and Django. 

  • NodeJS. This is an open-source platform built to support the backend coding of an application.
  • ExpressJs. This is another framework that is built on NodeJs. Backend developers can use ExpressJs to build APIs for websites. 
  • Django. This is a python framework used for building interactive websites. 
  • Laravel. Backend developers can use this PHP framework to build a fully functional dynamic website. 

Version Control System

The version control system tracks every single modification made to the code and makes it easy to revert changes in case of an error. GitHub is a popular version control system web developers can use to track code changes. 

Database Management

A backend developer must have knowledge of database management to store users’ information safely. The programmer must be skilled in creating a relational mapping so that the data can be retrieved when required. Common database skills of a backend developer are MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. 

Knowledge of APIs

Back-end programmers must know how to build APIs to enable a website or application to communicate with other devices. Common APIs are JSON, SOAP, REST, etc. 

Server Handling

Backend developers must have a good command over handling the server. They should be able to handle server connections and store and retrieve information on the cloud. 

So, Where Can I Find Back-end Developers?

Ready to build your website? You can hire backend developers from Websavis. We have an ecosystem of developers that can handle both front and back-end development. Also, our web developers are vetted to ensure they have the right skills and experience to build a ready-to-market product for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Hire a Good Back-end Developer?

To hire an experienced backend developer, you have to consider the skills and experience. A server-side developer must know backend technologies like PHP, Java, Python Ruby, etc., and frameworks like NodeJs, ExpressJs, Laravel, etc. Also, depending on your project’s complexity, you should hire a developer with enough experience. 

How Do I Find a Back-end Developer?

To find a backend developer, you can explore freelancing platforms, post jobs online or outsource your web development project to a software outsourcing agency like Websavis. 

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